IT Executive Management Staff Salaries On The Rise

Mean Compensation IT Executives

NOTE: the table below is updated automatically with the latest IT salaries when a new salary survey is published. That happens every January and June. The historical data is available.

Latest Median IT Salaries

Latest Mean IT salaries
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Large Enterprises - Executive Salaries

Compensation for Information Technology executives in large enterprises has been the set of IT jobs that had increases in compensation.  It has increased by 2.9%, going from $180,127 to $184,354. Many of those increases are due to individual and organizational performance bonuses. The total compensation for IT executives is shown in the table below. The greatest increases were for the CIO where base compensation for CIOs rose by over 7.48% -- getting to $240K.

Added to this group is the position of VP- AI (aka Chief AI Officer – CAIO).

Median Compensation IT executives large enterprises

The median salary for all of the executive management positions went up by 2.9%. This overall median increase could be higher since we justed added the Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer. It is interesting to note that the CAIOs salary is close to that of the CIO.

Mid-Sized Enterprises - Executive Salaries

Compensation for Information Technology executives in SMBs jumped due to the demand caused by the economic recovery. The total compensation for these individuals has increased by 3.06%, going from $156,736 to $161,526. The total compensation for those is shown in the table below.

Median Compensation IT executives SMB - Mid-sized enterprises

Interestingly, the CAIOs compensation in SMB is higher than in large enterprises. We need to monitor this trend to see if this continues in our next survey.

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AI, ML, LLM, big data, and Blockchain Job Descriptions

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