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DevOps Quality Control Specialist Job Description

The DevOps - Quality Control Specialist is responsible for maintaining and monitoring adherence to quality standards in the development and operation of DevOps applications. Quality covers both qualitative and quantitative measures as well as compliance. This includes complying with all mandated requirements such as GDPR,CCPA, and HIPAA.

The primary challenge for the DevOps - Quality Control Specialist is establishing a good working relationship with the operation and programming staffs that encourages cooperation and teamwork instead of conflict and avoidance. The DevOps - Quality Control Specialist needs to work with programmers and analyst early in the DevOps development process to assure timely implementation of new and modified systems instead of becoming the approval bottleneck at the end of the process.

DevOps Quality Control Specialist Preliminary Accountabilities

There are several primary practice areas of DevOps that the Manager DevOps focuses on.

  • Conduct Product Tests and Assessment - The main duty of a DevOps - Quality Control Specialist is testing and assessing products and services, usually in an industrial setting. The quality control specialist may test DevOps applications or services using a variety of techniques, checking that specifications are met and that the product works as intended. In a production setting, a quality control specialist may be tasked with testing products and services in a lab or on the production floor to ensure consistency.
  • Identify Product Defects - the DevOps - Quality Control Specialist is ultimately responsible for identifying DevOps solution defects or potential issues and determining what to do to resolve the issue. The quality control specialist analyzes the results of lab or usability tests to identify these defects and make sure they do not persist.
  • Record and Report Issues - the DevOps - Quality Control Specialist keeps detailed records of defects or implementation/operational issues as they test and assess products/services. These detailed records can help identify and eliminate recurring problems and provide a paper trail to aid in accountability and error reporting. The DevOps - Quality Control Specialist may provide these reports to supervisors or operation managers to help them make decisions about operational processes and practices.
  • Support Process Improvements - the DevOps - Quality Control Specialist is also responsible for supporting process improvements throughout the testing and quality assurance processes. If several instances occur with a similar defect, the quality control specialist might suggest improving an operations process.
  • Make Necessary Repairs -- In some cases, the DevOps - Quality Control Specialist may also be responsible for developing/implementing changes. If a function has a minor defect that the quality control specialist is equipped to resolve, then making this repair instead of sending the defect to the change control team can save significant time and contribute to overall cost reductions.
  • Provides guidance in building and managing the software development team(s) to accomplish the work such as the development of software architecture design as well as the high-level designs of the components of the overall architecture.

The full job description is over 1,200 words in length. It specifically defines the position purpose, challenges, accountabilities, authority, contact relationships, position requirements and career path.

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