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Cyber Attacks on the rise

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Cyber Attacks increased in 2023 and trend continues in 2024

Data breaches, malware attacks, and mandated requirements are an everyday issue for organizations as the move towards e-commerce and Blockchain architecture. With all of the additional demands this places on the technology processing functions, C-level executives are demanding that the CIO, CISO, and CTO have in place tools to address these compliance and security issues.

Cyber attacks rose by over 30% in 2023.  Global Threat report by Crowdstrike reported the types of attacks were

  • Cloud-conscious attacks up by 110%
  • Cloud environment inclusions up by 75%
  • Number of victims named on eCrime leak /sites 76% on year-to-year analysis
  • The number of attacks that had ransomware focus  up by 84%

They also reported that the problem was not malware rather there was an increase in the number of attackers.  Some were state-sponsored and others originated in countries that were not averse to providing cover for the attackers as 61% of attackers were against the and 11% against EuropeEurope.

Countries that were sources of those attacks were Russia, China, North Korea, Syria, Iran, Pakistan, Georgia, Columbia, and Turkey.

Janco’s Security Manual template and Compliance Management Tool Kit provide solutions and methods of protection.

Protecting Enterprise from Cyber Attacks

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AI Managers and technoligists are in Demand

KPI Metrics Key for Artificial Intelligence Managers

Manager AI Job DescriptionIT decision-makers are optimistic about the potential benefits of infusing enterprise applications with generative AI. This is driing the demand for executives and managers who have direct AI experience.

Almost 90% of all CIOs and CTOs have either implemented AI and generative AI technologies in their organizations, have plans to, or are actively researching them. Enterprises are looking to AI to boost productivity and innovation, and one-third of organizations with an interest in the technology have hired or are looking for a chief AI officer.

Over 3/4 of all CIOs are preparing for the arrival of generative AI in a number of ways, with 57% identifying use cases, 45% starting pilot programs, 41% training or upskilling employees on it, 40% establishing policies and guidelines.

One third of CIO's interviewed by Janco already have generative AI tools in users' hands, and may others say they are testing apps from vendor partners.

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Artificial Intelligence IT Pros Salaries over $100K

Managers with AI Expertise command six figure salaries

Experienced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning IT Professionals are in high demand. Salaries for those professionals are well into the low six figures.   Salaries for management positions with AI skills are in the $150K to $250K range. Experienced managers and developers are getting offers in the $125K to $165K range.

AI Salaries

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Best Practices New Technology Implementation and Deployment

New technologies like AI implementation and deployment have unique risk profiles

Bes Practices to implement new technologyWhen new technologies appear they are often misunderstood. Early innovators face a new issues and often are costly to be first on the block. However, if developed and deployed in a timely manner they can be a competitive advantage and a way to identify the enterprise as an industry leader.

Top 10 Best Practices for new technologies

  1. Tie technology to the business's operational objectives
  2. Align the new technology with the business's strategic plan
  3. Have a big picture of the future
  4. Build the infrastructure, governance, and culture to support the new technology
  5. Have an organization that is used to success
  6. Have the right skills in place
  7. Implement incrementally to prove concepts have value and work
  8. Understand the risk profile of the new technology
  9. Kill new technology efforts when they flounder
  10. Question status quo

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C-Level executives targeted by EvilProxy

EvilProxy - phishing as a service attacks target c-Level executives

Security Audit ProgramThe EvilProxy phishing page, masquerades as a Microsoft 365 login page. EvilProxy functions as a reverse proxy, where the service is positioned between the user and the real login page, relaying requests and responses back and forth between them. From the victim’s perspective, it's like they're interacting with the real website, but the attacker gets to see everything that gets transmitted between the two parties, including the login credentials and MFA codes. EvilProxy claims to be able to bypass MFA on Apple, Gmail, Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, GitHub, GoDaddy, and other popular websites.

Of the accounts that were accessed by attackers, 39% were C-level executives, 17% were chief financial officers, and 9% were presidents and CEOs. When it came to lower-level management and personnel, the attackers focused on users with access to financial assets or sensitive information.

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