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CIO Management and Planning Priorities for 2023

The website is a resource site for Information Technology management.

CIO Management and Planning Priorities

CIO management priorities are constantly changing. Priorities are always centered around three factors: technology, infrastructure and people.  Janco conducted a survey of 274 CIOs and CFOs, across multiple industries and from mega corporations to companies with as few as 50 IT professionals.  The top 10 priorities:

  1. Security and Hacking
  2. Compliance
  3. Cost Control
  4. Budget Management
  5. Access Management
  6. Privacy / Identity Protection
  7. Productivity of IT
  8. Mobile Computing including WFH
  9. Blockchain, ERP, and Cloud
  10. Work From Home Support

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- CIO Management and Planning Priorities for 2023

Big Data Salaries are over $100K

Apache Hadoop Open Source driver in the big data salaries

Big Data Skills and in High Demand and Pay Well - With enterprise focus moving towards "big data" there is an increased demand for technical and managerial skills. The focus is on then necessary skills and experience to develop, implement and manage it. In addition with the threat of cyberattacks, security is a key concern. As a result individuals with those skills are in high demand and compensation in is high.

Big Data Salaries

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- Big Data Salaries are over $100K

CIOs pull back on hiring it Pros

Over 100K requisitions for IT Pros pulled back in December

The tech layoffs have had impact on the IT job market.  Over 100K requisitions for unfilled IT Rolls have been eliminated.

Number of open requisitions for IT Professionals

- CIOs pull back on hiring it Pros

Median salaries for all IT Pros are now over $101K

Median salaries for IT Pros now $101,323

There are now just over 4 million jobs for IT Professionals in the US. For 29 months in a row, there has been an increase in the number of jobs added to the IT job market. Janco sees this trend continuing but at a slower pace. Layoffs at big tech companies are not having an adverse on the overall IT employment rate.

This increased demand raised overall salaries for all IT positions by 5.6%, with SMBs seeing an average increase of 7.74% with their median compensation increasing to $100,434 as reported in Janco 2023 IT Salary Survey.

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- Median salaries for all IT Pros are now over $101K

IT Job Descritions Released

Internet and Information Technology Positions Description HandiGuide

IT Job DescriptionsFull Suite of tools to help manage the HR processes -- includes 324 position Descriptions, Job Progression Matrix, Organization Charts, and Employee Termination in electronic checklist form

It is important for the success of an IT organization that it find and hire individuals who can have the right skills and can successfully utilize them. In this study, we identified several common reasons why new hires do not work out: job responsibilities not clearly defined, different expectations for new hires and the enterprise; and cultural mismatch.  Janco¬ís job descriptions are a tool that provides a proven baseline to address these issues.

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- IT Job Descritions Released