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Best Practices New Technology Implementation and Deployment

The website is a resource site for Information Technology management.

New technologies like AI implementation and deployment have unique risk profiles

Bes Practices to implement new technologyWhen new technologies appear they are often misunderstood. Early innovators face a new issues and often are costly to be first on the block. However, if developed and deployed in a timely manner they can be a competitive advantage and a way to identify the enterprise as an industry leader.

Top 10 Best Practices for new technologies

  1. Tie technology to the business's operational objectives
  2. Align the new technology with the business's strategic plan
  3. Have a big picture of the future
  4. Build the infrastructure, governance, and culture to support the new technology
  5. Have an organization that is used to success
  6. Have the right skills in place
  7. Implement incrementally to prove concepts have value and work
  8. Understand the risk profile of the new technology
  9. Kill new technology efforts when they flounder
  10. Question status quo

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C-Level executives targeted by EvilProxy

EvilProxy - phishing as a service attacks target c-Level executives

Security Audit ProgramThe EvilProxy phishing page, masquerades as a Microsoft 365 login page. EvilProxy functions as a reverse proxy, where the service is positioned between the user and the real login page, relaying requests and responses back and forth between them. From the victim’s perspective, it's like they're interacting with the real website, but the attacker gets to see everything that gets transmitted between the two parties, including the login credentials and MFA codes. EvilProxy claims to be able to bypass MFA on Apple, Gmail, Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, GitHub, GoDaddy, and other popular websites.

Of the accounts that were accessed by attackers, 39% were C-level executives, 17% were chief financial officers, and 9% were presidents and CEOs. When it came to lower-level management and personnel, the attackers focused on users with access to financial assets or sensitive information.

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IT Salaries expected to rise in 2023-2024

Number of IT Pros who are unemployed in the US is low

We have found, as the talent shortage grows and inflation continues, salaries for highly skilled tech workers will continue to rise. In fact, compensation could increase by 8% for some roles in 2023-2024, according to our recent salary survey.

 Salary Survey

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C-Level executives hold CIOs accountable for security breaches

Threat - Risk AssessmentTools for the CIO and IT Managers to better manage security exposure

Recent hacks have place a new emphsis on security risk factors. C-Level executives want to know what risks they face. Many are asking for Risk Scores.  The issue is that existing KPI metrics do not help to address security risk in  a way that is meaningful.

Risk Score

The constant stream of high profile breaches and the resulting class action lawsuits, negative PR, loss in share price, cybersecurity insurance pay-out refusals, and even termination of liable executives has made this an urgent priority.

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How to Implement Omni Commerce -- the Wave of the Future

eCommerce systems are now moving towards the new paradigm

Omnicommerce eCommerce StrategyThe Wave of the Future - SmartPhones and tablets are changing the way the way people and business browse the Internet, shop, provide service and communicate with suppliers, customers and associates.

Enterprises need to have the right foundation. Management and leadership begin with having a strategy in place that works and then having the right people in place to create and implement them.

  1. Platform consistency.

  2. Implement a flexible platform

  3. Keep emerging platforms in mind

  4. Ensure IT and marketing agility

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