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DR/BC is a process that needs to be updated

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Summay of DR/BC News

AI and Big Data will make DR and BC more complex

DRP Made Simple

Risk Assessment in the AI - MML world for DR BC will be more complex

AI LLM impact on dataAs AI and LLM take hold enterprise's will store data than ever before - first and third party, structured and unstructured - via the cloud, Advanced companies will set themselves apart by becoming more sophisticated in their ability to store, query, derive, and stitch together insights at scale from these data. 

The promise of AI and LLM is to lower cost, increase efficiency and conserve cash has increased the motivation of companies to turn to Cloud data storage and increased the appeal of alternative delivery models. The disruptive shifts in new demand and supply patterns drives changes for how IT services are bought and from whom. Cloud computing requirements need to be well defined.

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- AI and Big Data will make DR and BC more complex

Ransomware threat to DR/BC implementations

Experts Agree Ransomware is a threat to DR/BC implementations

DR/BC and Security Manual Template BundleRansomware keeps evolving, and MegaCortex is the latest version keeping IT teams up at night.

This Adaptive Ransomware Attack (ARA) combines advanced automation with real-time human response: hackers adapt their tools and techniques on the fly to get round your defense

Security is a critical concern during the recovery process - Disaster Recovery Business Cotinuity and Security Templates

Both the Security Manual and Disaster Recovery / Business continuity templates have been updated to take into account new International compliance (GDPR) and ransomware compliance requirements.

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- Ransomware threat to DR/BC implementations

Security needs to be integraded in IT Infrastructure

Security Drives Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Security and Business ContinuityWe are witnessing a dramatic shift and increasing reliance on the internet for services and information. With this shift comes increased risk if proper security precautions aren’t in place.

Employees, suppliers, associates, and customers expect you to provide the solutions they need to ensure uptime, security, and business growth.
With our Security Manual template implemented, you can dramatically grow your business while protecting them, just by integrating cybersecurity into your enterprises infrasructure, products, and services.  

The processes driving comprehensive disaster recovery planning and security protection are both offensive and defensive. Initially, protections are seen as exclusively defensive - protect what you have rather than help drive business into the enterprise. In reality effective security is an enabler, much like the Internet and network capability, that facilitates a company's move to the better resource deployment and improved operational performance.

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- Security needs to be integraded in IT Infrastructure

DRP Best Practices

DRP Best PracticesDRP Best Practices get disaster recovery and business continuity plsnning under control

  1. Have management communicate that disaster recovery importance
  2. Integrated DRP process into the organization culture
  3. Allocate costs associated as part of the base overhead so that costs are distributed across the entire organization
  4. Make disaster recovery and business continuity "mission critical"
  5. Establish KPI metrics for DRP
  6. Test the plan freequently
  7. Monitor how other enterprises are faring after and event occurs
  8. Quarterly review you media communication protocol
  9. Pool your assets and personnel to provide resilience capabilities for interconnected systems or collaborative technologies
  10. Test the back-ups (at least quarterly)

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- DRP Best Practices

World Class DRP BCP Planning

Standard for Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity


Janco's Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) is that tool which can be used as a Disaster Planning template for any size of enterprise. The Template and supporting material have been updated to be Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPAA compliant. The template comes as both a Word document and a static fully indexed PDF document. The DRP/BCP Template includes:

  • Disaster Recovery Plan and Business Continuity Template (WORD and PDF)
  • Ransomware guidelines that meet all mandated compliance requirements
  • Business and IT Impact Analysis Questionnaire
  • Work Plan
  • Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity Audit Program
  • Pandemic Planning Checklist
  • Incident Communication Plan and Policy
  • Full job descriptions for key DRP/BCP staff

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- World Class DRP BCP Planning