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DR/BC is a process that needs to be updated

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World Class DRP BCP Planning

DRP Made Simple

Standard for Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity


Janco's Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) is that tool which can be used as a Disaster Planning template for any size of enterprise. The Template and supporting material have been updated to be Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPAA compliant. The template comes as both a Word document and a static fully indexed PDF document. The DRP/BCP Template includes:

  • Disaster Recovery Plan and Business Continuity Template (WORD and PDF)
  • Ransomware guidelines that meet all mandated compliance requirements
  • Business and IT Impact Analysis Questionnaire
  • Work Plan
  • Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity Audit Program
  • Pandemic Planning Checklist
  • Incident Communication Plan and Policy
  • Full job descriptions for key DRP/BCP staff

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- World Class DRP BCP Planning

DRP BCP Best Practices

Proper DR BC planning is required for a successful recovery

DRP Best PracticesDisaster recovery and business continuity best practices

  1. Focus on operations
  2. Train everyone on how to execute the DRP and BCP
  3. Have a clear definition for declaring when a disaster or business interruption occurs that will set the DRP and BCP process into motion
  4. Integrate DRP and BCP with change management
  5. Focus on addressing issues BEFORE they impact the enterprise
  6. Validate that all technology is properly installed and configured right from the start.
  7. Monitor the processes and people to know what critical

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- DRP BCP Best Practices

How to Guide for Cloud and Processing and Outsourcing - DR/BC considerations

Cloud Processing changes the way disaster recovery is planned and executed

Cloud and Disaster PlanningIn the last several months there have been a rapid adoption of cloud security technologies.  There are many new mandates, shifts in how plan for and execute Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plans, and new strategies which leverage cloud storage for more than just backups.

The How to Guide for Cloud and Processing and Outsourcing covers:

  • Cloud Outsourcing Policy Standard Policy that can be used to determine when outsourcing is an option
  • Cloud Outsourcing Approval Standard Process which can be used in approving an outsourcing agreement
  • Sample Service Level Agreement
  • Service Level Agreement Metrics Definition
  • Outline for Contract Negotiation 
  • Base Case Development Detail
  • Key Job Descriptions
  • BIA Questionnaire
  • ISO 27001 & 27002 Security Process Audit Checklist

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- How to Guide for Cloud and Processing and Outsourcing - DR/BC considerations

IT Middle Management role in DRP/BCP

Job Descriptions for middle management positions and role they play in Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Information Technology Position Descriptions HandiGuide have been updated to be compliant with PCI-DSS, GDPR, CCAP, Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, CobiT, and the ITIL standards. The job descriptions are all structured to focus on "Best Practices".

Middle Management IT Job DescriptionsJob descriptions included are:

  • Data Protection Officer (DPO)
  • Data Scientist
  • Digital Brand Manager
  • Director Business Applications
  • Director Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
  • Director Electronic Commerce
  • Director Information Technology
  • Director IT Deployment
  • Director IT Infrastructure
  • Director IT Management and Control
  • Director IT Planning
  • Director Media Communications
  • Director Production Services/Data Center
  • Director Safety Program
  • Director Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance
  • Director Systems and Programming
  • Director Systems
  • Director Technical Services
  • Director Telecommunication Services

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- IT Middle Management role in DRP/BCP

Baseline for best practices defined for DR/BC

Baseline for best practices defined in 2023 Edition of DR/BC Template

Preparation for Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity in light of compliance mandates is more complex. Two issues need to be addressed. The first is putting systems in place to completely protect all financial and other data required to meet the reporting regulations and to archive the data to meet future requests for clarification of those reports. The second is to clearly and expressly document all these procedures so that in the event of a compliance audit, the auditors clearly see that the DRP exists and will appropriately protect the data.

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- Baseline for best practices defined for DR/BC