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Chief Technology Officer Job Description

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Security Breaches Cost CISOs jobs

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Even Microsoft CISOs are not exempt from losing jobs after a security breach

When a security breach occurs someone has to pay the price.  Often that is the CSO or the CISO.  In December on the heels of a security breach announcement, Microsoft appointed Igor Tsyganskiy, a relative newcomer to the company, to replace former and longtime CISO Bret Arsenault, who transitioned to an adviser position.

security breach

The report released by the independent Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Cyber Safety Review Board offered an incendiary review of Microsoft's security culture and blamed the company for the attack by the group Storm-0558 that the board said easily could have been avoided.

Data breaches will happen. Security and data breach protection are  a never-ending process and that no CIO or CSO can claim that their data is completely secure.

The sheer number of data breaches reported this year alone has led to security experts dubbing this year as the "Year of the Hack. " What's an organization to do when the major technology companies are admitting they have been breached? With sophisticated malware, advanced attacks and sneaky insiders, security seems like an unattainable goal. Security is everyone's responsibility, from the board of directors, c-level executives such as the CEO, CIO, CFO, down to the front-line employees who actually work daily with sensitive information.

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Are security certifications worth the effort

Security Certifications - Why?

The primary reasons they provide value are:

  • Validate the Cybersecurity talents of the individuals, within the limits the the certification.
  • Establish professional credibility of the individual, showing they are in it for the long-haul.
  • Advance the ability to be hired as organizations give preferences to those who have the need experience and taken the time to earn such certifications.
  • Classify the Cybersecurity skills of the individual versus others competing for the same position.
  • Provide networking opportunities for job opportunities as resources that can help when dealing with Cybersecurity issues.
  • Demonstrate that the individual understands standardized Cybersecurity concepts that they learn through specific certification process.

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Top 10 Security Management Best Practices

Security Management Best Practices - Top 10

Top 10 Security Management Best PracticesA security breache can cause a company's valuable information damaged so that it cannot be undone, and also often leads to significant damage a company's reputation. Top 10 security management best practices are:

  1. Centralize Malware Management 
  2. Establish Boundary Control
  3. Centralize Provisioning and Authorization Management
  4. Implement Acceptable Use Policy
  5. Build Security into Applications Starting in the Design Phase
  6. Understand and implement all compliance and audit requirements
  7. Implement Monitoring and reporting processes
  8. Manage security deployment and infrastructure processes
  9. Implement network and host defenses 
  10. Constantly validate network and system resource integrity 

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CXO - Chief Experience Officer Role and Job Description

Chief Experience Officer (CXO) is the executive responsible for the overall user experience

The CXO is not only a user experience expert but also a seasoned marketing, brand, and product manager. As the role is transformational, the CXOs is responsible for the adoption of consistent user interfaces across the entire business. As with most senior executive titles, the responsibilities are set by the organization's board of directors or other authority, depending on the organization's legal structure.

CXO Role

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Role of CIO is changing

Changing Role of the CIO

Most CIOs (58%) are still in the traditional mode of leading IT. And while 37% of CIOs are considered "modern", only 6% are "future fit" with the speed, flexibility, and value-focus required from a transformative strategic digital leader today.

This lack of readiness doesn't look good. If most CIOs are still focused on operational concerns, does the business need a new digital leader with a title thatÂ’s reflective of fresh roles and responsibilities?

Role of CIO changing

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