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Security is CIO and CEO focus

CIOs and CEOs will demand Security Policies and Compliance Tools be implemented

Security PoliciesThe rash of high-profile data breaches have exposed customers' personal information, created reputation nightmares and cost CIOs their jobs. CIOs, CEOs, and CFOs should have security at the top of their priority list. But while businesses are saying the right things about giving IT security more attention and budget, is that talk being put into useful action?

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- Security is CIO and CEO focus

Shortage of Qualified IT Professionals Continues

Over 93,400 net new IT jobs will be created in 2019

Shortage of IT Professionals continuesThere is a shortage of qualified IT Professionals. According to one international study 2018 skilled IT Professionals positions are the hardest to fill.

The Service Council found that “70% of service organizations indicate they will become burdened by a retiring workforce over the next five to ten years.” The IT Industry is in the midst of that talent shortage and organizations are scrambling to fill openings

Baby Boomers, who make up a significant majority of the workforce in the IT industry, are now retiring. In the next ten years about 10,000 Boomers a day (across all industries) hit retirement age.

Millennials now make up the largest portion of the workforce overall, the IT industry is struggling to attract and retain the digital generation, due in part to housing shifts from the suburbs to the city, and the large number of millennials who hold bachelor’s degrees compared to a generation ago.

While the majority of customer call center and IT service jobs don’t require a college degree, the jobs do offer many qualities that young talent are seeking, such as room for advancement and a sense of purpose. In order to recruit and retain young employees, an emphasis on professional development is crucial.

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- Shortage of Qualified IT Professionals Continues

Big Data and Blockchain Projects have high failure rates

Big Data and Blockchain Projects have high failure

Blockchain project managementManagement skills need to be upgraded as blockchain and big data projects take hold. The skills that are need are not unique to those technologies. 

The primary factors that managers need to focus on are:

  • Integration and standardization of data
  • Goal definition and expectation management
  • Skill development for both legacy and new technologies
  • Architecture design management

To address these, managers need to

  • Improve the planning process to be more granular
  • Manage both technical and enterprise user staff effectively
  • Maintain focus and scope definition
  • Work to eleiminate legacy system dependence

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- Big Data and Blockchain Projects have high failure rates

Robotics will be common in SMBs

IoT - Robotics Specialist In High Demand

Any company that warehouses and/or ships componentsm manufactue dongles, perform testing, or fabricate materials has an opportunity to implement robotics. There are robots which can execute those tasks. In fact, it's possible all of those operations could be served by the same robot.

The trend in industrial automation is task specific and can be customized and configured for an infinite number of deployment types. Companies which makes autonomous mobile robots for materials handling and picking & placing, can move materials in a warehouse just as easily as they can stock inventory in a logistics operation. When designing a lightweight pneumatic collaborative robot, manufactures have intentionally modeled it after a human arm, a nod to the range of tasks it was designed to perform.

The widest integration of collaborative robots has happened in industries like components handling.  SMBs of all stripes are finding innovative ways to automate with collaborative robots.

The IoT - Robotics Specialist is tasked with being the primary focal point within the enterprise for the design, development, and implementation of service management process which conform with the Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) within these technologies.

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- Robotics will be common in SMBs

Facebook Major Security Breach

Facebook stored hundreds of millions passwords in plain text

password breachAs part of a Facebook's security review, they found that some user passwords were being stored in a readable format within our internal data storage systems. Facebook will have to notify hundreds of millions of Facebook users, tens of millions of other Facebook users, and tens of thousands of Instagram users.

Storing hundreds of millions of passwords in a readable format is another big embarrassment for the social media giant, which has already struggled with how to deal with its platform being used to spread fake news and disinformation, plus other companies harvesting data from its users' profiles and then passing it onto third parties.

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- Facebook Major Security Breach