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Janco CEO quoted in the Wall Street Journal

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The CEO of Janco was quoted in the May 6th edition of the Wall Street Journal.

While CIOs typically play that role (CTO - Chief technology Officer), assigning primary technology responsibilities to a CTO could reflect a commitment to integrate technology further into core operations and product, said Victor Janulaitis, CEO of consulting company Janco Associates. "CTOs tend to operate more at the board level and deal with the overall strategy of the business," he said.

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IT Pro unemployment rate greater than national unemployment rate

BLS cuts 16K IT jobs from the initially reported in January in addition to 53,200 cuts made in January

The overall unemployment rate for IT pros in February fell to 4.3% from 5.5% in January. Also, the number of open unfilled IT positions rose from 154,000 to 211,000. This data implies hiring IT Pros could be on the upswing, but needs to be tempered as the IT unemployment rate of 4.3% is still higher than the overall US unemployment rate of 3.9%.

Information Technology unemployment rate

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Demand High for C-Level IT Pros

Median Salary over $209K

As technology takes a leading role in many enterprises there are now twelve c-level titles that are appearing within many World-Class IT functions. . The most frequently seen position titles are:

Chief Information Officer (CIO)
Chief Information Officer - Small Enterprise or SBU (CIO)
Chief Artificial Intelligence (CAIO)
Chief Compliance Officer (CCO)
Chief Data Officer (CDaO)
Chief Digital Officer (CDO)
Chief Experience Officer (CXO)
Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)
Chief Mobility Officer (CMO)
Chief Product Officer (CPO)
Chief Security Officer (CSO)
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

c-Level Salaries Soar

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Shortage of IT Pros real

Shortage of IT job pros limiting CIO technology implementation plans 

IT Hiring Kit - Best PacticesAccording to a several reports, CTOs are seeing a talent shortage as the biggest barrier to the adoption of most new technologies. This means that in the majority of cases, IT leaders who want to deploy a new tool to boost business outcomes anticipate that the lack of suitable workers to implement the technology will be problematic at some point.

In the US there are over 8.9 million enterprises that have any employees.  In that population, the number of companies that have teleworkers has increased from 23% to 77%.  That is a rise of over 4.6 million organizations that now have teleworkers in their workforce since before the pandemic.  

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Hiring of IT Pros Continues to slow - AI driving this

Hiring of IT Pros contines to slow

In Feburay of this year the growth of the IT job market and hiring of IT pros was robust.  Since the, there has be a steady decline in the number of new IT jobs created from a 12 month moving average of 20,650 new jobs created for IT Pros in Feburary to 7,842.

Creation of additons to IT Job Market slows

What once was one of the hottest job markets now is feeling the pain of the recession.  Part of the driver has been the elimination of entry level positions with the implementation of AI applications.

One of the new postions that has driven this is the Chief AI Officer (CAIO). The CAIO is not only an AI expert but also a seasoned operational manager. As the role is transformational, the CAIO is responsible for the adoption of AI and machine learning across the entire business. As with most senior executive titles, the responsibilities are set by the organization's board of directors or other authority, depending on the organization's legal structure. The CAIO is responsible for AI across the entire enterprise and its operations. One of the primary objectives of the role is to reduce head counts.

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