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  • Many new hires fail

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    There is a limited number of qualified candidates, hiring is difficult

    Hiring best practicesA recent study found that over half of all hiring failures are due to two factors; interpersonal issues associated with the new hire (29 percent) and poor corporate culture fit (28 percent). Most of these can be filtered out during the recruiting and interviewing process. 

    1. Do not hire based on an outdated job description.  

    2. Look for team players.

    3. Avoid inflated resumes.

    4. Avoid team killers.

    5. Avoid poor skills fit.

    6. Validate motivation. 

    7. Avoid red flags.

    8. Avoid inflexible hiring.

    9. Avoid careless individuals.

    10. Avoid the prima donna.

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    - Many new hires fail

    Security and Disaster Recovery are primary concens of CIOs

    Security and Disaster Recovery are primary concens of CIOs.  Here are some recent artilces that stress this:

    1. Top 10 Selection Criteria for a Disaster Recovery Cloud Provider  Cloud disaster recovery business continuity When looking for cloud providers of Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Services you need to establish that they will be...
    2. Many CIOs have not addressed cloud security issues  Less than 50% of all organizations have policies in place that for vetting cloud computing applications for possible security risks before deploying them. The number...
    3. Cloud Technology Impacts Outsourcing  Cloud Technology Impacts Outsourcing What makes cloud computing different from this "ordinary" system of computing is that the cloud functions as a collective computer that...
    4. ISO 31000 Compliance – Risk Management  ISO 31000 Compliance - Risk Management Cloud processing and outsourcing add external risks to a business' operation. The International Standards Organization (ISO) has implemented a...
    5. 10 Best Practices for Staffing  10 Best Practices to Staff - Hire and Retain World Class Creative IT Professionals 10 Best Practices  - Janco Associates has found the top ten...

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    - Security and Disaster Recovery are primary concens of CIOs

    IT hiring has not yet peaked

    Over all IT Jobs in high demand

    There are over 200,000 unfilled jobs for IT Pros. Many are for disciplines that cannot be filled due to a lack of qualified individuals. Skills that are in high demand are:

    IT Job Market growth

    • Security and compliance auditors, analysts, and infrastructure support staff
    • Web3 analysts and developers
    • Blockchain architects and programmers
    • Internet e-commerce specialists

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    - IT hiring has not yet peaked

    Project Manager Blockchain Job Description

    Blockchain Project Manager Job Description

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    Janco has just released a comprehensive job description for a Project Manager Blockchain. 

    The Project Manager Blockchain is responsible for overseeing the Blockchain project team. This group is responsible for the enterprise's blockchain database systems, cyber currency controls, and blockchain processing systems that form the basis of this initiative. This responsibility includes processing security, cyber currency management systems, resource monitoring, reporting, and the development of specialized programs.

    The Project Manager Blockchain coordinates blockchain processing software issues with other IT organizations including applications and operations.

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    - Project Manager Blockchain Job Description

    Top 10 Causes of Security Shortfalls

    Security Manual Template Defines Best Practices

    one out of ten CIOs and CFOs feel they do not have an adequate security strategy in place and are reactive when an incident does occur. The top 10 reasons for security shortfalls are:

    1. Insufficient funding for security
    2. Lack of commitment by senior executive management
    3. Lack of leadership in the security arena by the CIO
    4. Belief that the organization will not be targeted
    5. Lack of internal resources who are "security" experts
    6. Lack of an effective IT security strategy
    7. Lack of an action plan on how to implement a solution before an event
    8. Infrastructure for IT that does not easily lend itself to security implementation including complex and disjointed applications and data
    9. No central focus with the enterprise that focuses on security
    10. Lack of a good termination policy for employees and contractors

    Janco reviewed of over 200 incidents found the frequency of these types of breach losses:

    Types of Losses Due to Security Shotfalls

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    - Top 10 Causes of Security Shortfalls