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    Experts Agree AI Impacts DRP/BCP and Security Plans

    AI and DRP/BCP - SecurityAI now had been added to the processes driving comprehensive disaster recovery planning and security protection.  AI is now being used in the implementation of comprehensive storage and data protection. Protecting vital business data is a necessity. This is where investment with AI in disaster recovery is critical and where different on-premises and off-premises solutions can be applied.

    Too many companies have found out the hard way that their most valuable assets are exposed and vulnerable to hacker attracts, theft and destruction when they have to activate the DRP/BCP. This is where AI can be utilized to minimized that risk.

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    - AI Impacts Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity - Security

    MSIX Cyber Attacks on Windows PC

    More companies have faced ransomware attacks as cyberattacks are on the rise

    A new cyberattack campaign has been found to be using MSIX -- a Windows application packaging format -- to infect Windows PCs and evade detection by dropping a stealthy malware loader into its victim's PC.  Users are directed to download malicious MSIX packages through compromised websites, search engine optimization (SEO) techniques, or malvertising. The masquerading themes include installers for Chrome, Brave, Edge, Grammarly, and WebEx.

    Salaries for IT security specialist are increasing up

    Median salaries for IT security pros now at $118,718 and rising.

    Salaries for IT Security Professionals

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    - MSIX Cyber Attacks on Windows PC

    Cryptocurrency - cybercurrency makes cybercrime easier

    IT focus on the digital market place and cryptocurrency

    Manager Blockchain DLT Architecture Job DescriptionSecurity threats have been added to with the move towards cryptocurrency (cybercurrency).  Cryptocurrrency makes monetizing cybercrime for cybercriminals. Attsacks are becoming more sophisticated and expensive.  The bottom line impact can be material as a single breach can impact all of a firms operations.

    Manager Blockchain - DLT Architecture Available for Immediate Download

    The Blockchain and distributed ledger technology processing and database systems are the heart of the enterprise's systems. It is extremely important to the enterprise that these systems offer the highest reliability and performance possible. The Manager Blockchain Architecture is challenged to oversee the Blockchain processing activities and ensure that the systems are reliable and performing at peak efficiency.

    The Manager Blockchain Architecture is responsible for the management of the Blockchain architecture and Distributed Ledger Technology Processing activities directed towards the development and deployment of those applications. That includes cyber-currency management, maintenance of information systems, enterprise operations, and process of architectural models, with primary emphasis on optimizing and integrating the flow of information and physical products throughout the enterprise as well as with external subcontractors, suppliers, and customers.

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    - Cryptocurrency - cybercurrency makes cybercrime easier

    IT hiring has not yet peaked

    Over all IT Jobs in high demand

    There are over 200,000 unfilled jobs for IT Pros. Many are for disciplines that cannot be filled due to a lack of qualified individuals. Skills that are in high demand are:

    • Security and compliance auditors, analysts, and infrastructure support staff
    • Web3 analysts and developers
    • Blockchain architects and programmers
    • Internet e-commerce specialists

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    - IT hiring has not yet peaked

    Top 10 Management Issues drive Security Breaches Manual Template - Best Management Tool

    The pandemic and resulting shut downs highlighted a number of security and compliance issues.  With the WFH solution that was implemented many enterprises were put at risk.

    The top 10 drivers of security shortcomings include:

    1. Insufficient funding for security
    2. Lack of commitment by senior executive management
    3. Lack of leadership in the security arena by the CIO
    4. Belief that the organization will not be targeted
    5. Lack of internal resources who are "security" experts
    6. Lack of an effective IT security strategy
    7. Lack of an action plan on how to implement a solution before an event
    8. Infrastructure for IT that does not easily lend itself to security implementation including complex and disjointed applications and data
    9. No central focus with the enterprise that focuses on security
    10. Lack of a good termination policy for employees and contractors

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    - Top 10 Management Issues drive Security Breaches