Mobility Policy Bundle completely revamped

Mobility Policy bundle has latest policies procedures, and electronic forms ready to go

Mobility Policy Bundle completely revamped - The increasing use and dependency on IT is drastically changing the way companies improve employee productivity and keep in closer contact with its customers. Today most businesses provide laptops to employees. The challenge comes with SmartPhones and tablets while bringing additional benefits. Employees who are accustomed to using these tools in their personal life are requesting (or demanding) to use the same tools at the workplace.

In addition to the influx of mobile devices, companies are dealing with increasing numbers of employees who are working from non-traditional office locations. Whether employees are traveling, working from customer sites, or working from home, there is a growing need to access corporate data while outside the walls of an office and the firewalls of an IT department. Some questions are raised.

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Mobility Policies

WFH Mobility Infrastructure Policy Bundle  includes:

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