Understanding Front-End Developers Interview by Dice

CEO of Janco Associates was interviewed by Dice about the interview issues when looking for Front- Developers

Interview and Hiring GuideDice recently compiled and article on the the things that Frond-End developers need to be aware of when looking for a new position. The issues they addressed went beyond the technical and into organizational infrastructure issues. Janco was identified by Dice as one to the leading consulting groups that deal with IT and business infrastructure. Dice was looking for a break down of the challenges faced by today’s front-end developers. Specifically, the most important skills to know, and how to stand out in the interview process.

They spoke with the CEO of Janco Assocaites, Mr. M. V. Janulaitis. He is often interviewed by major media outlets on the IT Infrastructure and staffing issues. He is responsible for the firms poroiducts and services in those areas.

IT Job DescriptionsDice Insights notable comment by the CEO from interview

The current biggest challenge is the [COVID-19] pandemic ... It’s very difficult to for developers to get jobs in legacy organizations, because many of them are not attuned to people who are going to be working remotely.

After the Covid-19 pandemic is over, companies are going to rethink many parts of their workflow, including how they handle remote workers. It’s not out of the question that most companies are going have a greater precentage of thier work force work remotely ... You’ll see more development teams working using remote remote tools like Microsoft Azure. They will be able to review the quality of the work front-end developers are doing, and making sure they are physically doing the work.

In general, companies are looking for front-end developers with experience in mobile applications; they must know how to develop applications for iOS and Android.... many front-end developer interview questions will dig into thier mobile skill-set. And it’s not just a question of building UX and applications that look good to the user, front-end developers will need to know how to address the inevitable privacy, data, and security questions that arise when dealing with customer-and business-facing products.

Front-end developers need an entirely new set of skills, as opposed to 20 years ago. It is about designing for user interface ...Most of the people who have those skills tend to be newer, fresh out of school, or those embedded within the organization that have stayed current with new technology.

You can read the full interiew on the Dice Site

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