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The process of recruiting and retaining top Blockchain Talent is driven by the quality and level of detail in the job descriptions. Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Processing technology are among the most in demand professionals. In many enterprises they are the hardest to find and the most expensive staffing.

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Blockchain Positions Included

The bundle comes as individual MS WORD files that are easily edited. In addition, all of the job descriptions are included in a single pdf document and an eReader document that can be shared across an enterprise's Intranet -- not the Internet.

The positions are:

Included in this bundle are positions in middle and senior levels that are directly impacted by a Blockchain effort. There are others that we will add, especially in the compliance and finance disciplines.

Salaries for Blockchain Related Positions

The salaries for individuals in the Blockchain and the Distributed Leger Processing arena are among the highest for IT Professionals.

Blockchain related salaries

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