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The process of recruiting and retaining top Information Technology Talent is driven by the quality and level of detail in the job descriptions. C-Level IT executives are part of the executive management team. In many enterprises they report to the Chief Executive Officer and are key to the creation the enterprise's overall strategy.

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C-Level Job Description Bundle


The C-Level job description bundle contains the top twelve (12) IT job descriptions. Each is between 5 to 8 pages long and is at the level of detail that KPI performance metrics can be defined and related directly to both employment contracts and compensation/bonus levels. Also included is a summary of the compensation for these positions.

C-Level Salaries
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324 Information Technology Professionals Job Descriptions

The job descriptions contained within the Internet and Information Technology Position Descriptions HandiGuide™ are all in a standard format and are available as in PDF, eReader, and MS WORD formats. All of the job descriptions were reviewed and updated to comply with Sarbanes-Oxley and the ISO 27000 security standard. The latest version of the HandiGuide was completed in 2020 and is over 900 plus pages in length. The Internet and IT Position Descriptions HandiGuide includes sample organization charts, a job progression matrix, and the 326 Job Descriptions. The book also addresses Fair Labor Standards, Sexual Harassment, the ADA, and is in a easy to read and edit CSS style sheet format.

Each job description meets ADA standards and the position description is delivered in electronic format - WORD (.docx) which is editable and PDF which is printed. Also included are tools to help you expand, evaluate and define your enterprise's unique additional requirements. Those tools include:

  • Job Evaluation Questionnaire
  • Position Description Questionnaire
  • Job Progression Matrix (Job Family Classifications)
  • Best Practices - Resume Screening
  • Best Practices - Phone Screening
  • Hiring Guide
The 326 Internet and Information Technology Position Descriptions include all of the functions within the IT group. Click on the each group below to see a list of jobs included.

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