Mobility while traveling is limited by airport WiFi

There is no such thing as a free lunch when looking for secure WiFi at US airports

Travel and off-site meeting policyMobility while traveling often is limited by the free WiFi connection that can be found where the worker is. Hotels and many restaurants have gotten the message and now offer free WiFi to their customers. Airports and airlines on the other hand are continuing to make it expensive and difficult to connect.

For example, a few years back the Phoenix airport terminal offered true free WiFi It was slow but a user could easily connect and download and send e-mails. On my last trip through that terminal I found the latest iteration of the Phoenix WiFi made it next to impossible to connect easily and navigate to an Internet connection was suitable enough to capture my email.

The solution that I used around this was to tether my smart phone to my tablet and access the Internet that way. My traveling companion was not able to do that because his service provider did not have a strong enough signal in the terminal.

Wi-Fi availability at airports

That prompted us to conduct a study with clients and employees to see how they fared in similar situations. We found that Verizon was the best option, with AT&T a close second. The real differance is that once you are on Verizon you stay connected. In the case of AT&T you can connect like Verizon but you lose your singnal and lose your connection more often.

Sprint and t-mobile are distant runners up.

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Security - Privacy - Compliance Management Issues

When dealing with cloud data and/or data that is accessed via the Internet, the enterprise must be aware of all mandated requirements for the location of the users who's data this is, the location where the cloud processing occurs, and the the location of the facilities and individuals who access that data. Each location may have different compliance requirement.

This offering is significantly impacted by mandated security and privacy requirements like GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and the CCPA (California Privacy Act). As privacy requirements are added, we will update this offering and all supporting policies / templates to be in full compliance.

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