Highest Paying IT Technical Skills

Data Management, Data Manipulation and AI Technical Skills are in high demand

All the talk in many enterprises is about data manipulation, presentation, and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Tools are now available at a reasonable cost, however, there are too few IT Professionals who are skilled and experienced in their application and use. This has created a shortage of candidates from which IT Managers and HR recruiters can select.

Salaries for High Demand IT Technical Skills


Janco has identified fifteen (15) skills that are the highest in demand. They are all related to data management, manipulation, presentation, and artificial intelligence (AI). The median compensation for these individuals is just under $140K. Plus many of these positions are in the Web3 arena.

In our next salary survey, we will have an in-depth presentation on the most in-demand positions in the IT Job Market.

In a number of cases, we have found the manager of these professionals is paid at par with the IT Pros - little or no separation between the technologist and the manager.

Manager Artificial Intelligence

The Manager of Artificial Intelligence median salary, based on our salary service data, is $144K including benefits and bonsues. That salary varies based on the location of IT the function. Dallas is at the low end of the scale and San Francisco the high end.

salary manager_ai

The Manager Artificial Intelligence is responsible for all AI applications, systems software, and hardware implementations including data communications for the enterprise’s AI applications. The manager must strive to ensure the continued operational success of these areas through well-monitored AI applications, equipment, and software. As such, the manager is extremely important to the enterprise's current and future business operations.

Position requirements include:

  • Diverse technical experience, including AI model development, software engineering, regulated software quality and risk management, and monitoring of deployed software.

  • Experience with data modeling and data exploration tools, including expertise in the use of scientific computing and data management packages is required.

  • A demonstrated ability to provide vision and strategic direction at an institutional or enterprise level.

  • Exceptional human relations and communication (written, verbal, and listening) skills will be necessary to effectively communicate across disciplines and stakeholders.

  • Understand working in a compliance-based and regulated environment, including building, deploying, and supporting secure software throughout the AI development life cycle.

  • Experience with quality systems regulation is required. Additional experience with applicable ISO standards.

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