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  • Top 10 Backup Best Practices

    Backup  Best Practices core of DR and BC Planning

    Available in MS Word, PDF and eReader formats

    10 Backup Best Practices - Rules of the Road for CIOs and DR/BC Managers Top 10 Backup Best Practices - Many CIOs want to improve their ability to recover from system failures and data loss, especially to protect themselves from -… Continue reading

    Question that need to be answered are:

    • Is our data safe in transit and at rest?
    • What prevents hackers from gaining access to our data?
    • Is our data properly handled, stored, and deleted?
    • Who can access our data?
    • What are the benchmark measurements?
    • Is our data backup strategy compliant?
    • Will our recovery be successful?

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    Managing backup and recovery in today's environment is a multi-dimensional challenge with both near and long term business requirements. Recent technological developments in disk backup have had a positive impact on short term data retention requirements (see also BYOD policy).
    Disaster Recovery Security Cloud DRP Security Incident Communication Policy Security Audit Program
    - Top 10 Backup Best Practices

    Hot Zone Mini-series rekindles DR Pandemic Planning

    Disaster Recovery Plan Template addresses Pandemic planning issues

    Pandemic DR BC Planning definedIn disaster planning when a pandemic occurs the data center exists but people often are in separate locations. The Disaster Planning and Business Continuity Planning processes need to make the user and business operating experience is as similar as possible so that the work environment is the same in the remote site (often home) as in the office.

    Once the disaster plan has been activated for a pandemic a central source for information on who is infected, immune, and unavailable needs to be developed and maintained accurately. In addition, staff members who re working in the office and data center environments should be isolated if at all possible so they do not become infected. This may require a quarantine of these employees based on the severity of the pandemic.

    Read On DRP BCP Pandemic Planning    Order DRP BCP Template 

    - Hot Zone Mini-series rekindles DR Pandemic Planning

    Common Mistakes - Disaster Recovery Business Continuity

    Disaster Recovery Business Continuity Common Mistakes

    DRP BCP Common MistakesMost common mistakes made in Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning are eliminated by implementing the Janco Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Template. Problems that are avoided are:

    1. Failure to identify every potential event that can jeopardize the infrastructure and data that your enterprise depends.
    2. Failure to cross-train personnel in disaster recovery and business continuity
    3. Failure to create a communication processes which will work when your communication infrastructure is lost
    4. Failure to have adequate backup power
    5. Failure to know which resources need to be restored first
    6. Failure to have  adequate physical documentation of your Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plan
    7. Failure to validate the adequacy of your back ups
    8. Failure  to test your Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plan
    9. Failure to have passwords available to the Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity team
    10. Failure to keep your Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plan up to date

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    - Common Mistakes - Disaster Recovery Business Continuity

    Compliance Management Part of Disaster Planning

    Compliance Management includes PCI-DSS, Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, GDPR, CaCPA, GLAB, COBIT, and ISO 27000

    Compliance ManagementCompliance Management for Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning is driven by numerous laws and regulatory mandates. The focus of these rules is on corporate governance and accountability around sensitive information (specifically financial, non-public information and protected health care information).

     This has significantly impacted the underlying IT systems that support the applications and repositories holding this sensitive information.  CIOs have taken notice and are addressing this with Compliance Management tools like those offered by Janco. 

    Follow the links below to read more.

    Compliance Management KitOrder Compliance management KitDownload Selected Pages

    - Compliance Management Part of Disaster Planning

    Blockchain Job Salaries

    Latest Blockchain Salaries

    According to a new report by Janco Associates, blockchain developers command an extra $4,000 per year compared to six months ago. The average annual salary for a blockchain developer is now $132,000, although some experienced individuals earn as much as $176,000.

    “CIOs do not want to lose the talent they have on board. As a result, they have increased compensation for those positions,” Victor Janulaitis, CEO of Janco Associates, explained to Computer World.

    Blockchain developers are now among the highest paid IT professionals, period.

    - Blockchain Job Salaries