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  • Top 10 Best DR/BC best Practices

    DRP Made Simple

    Most CIOs and management executives all say they have disaster recovery and business continuity under control

    Janco has found that successful organization typically follow or have implemented these 10 best practices.

    1. Have management communicate that disaster recovery is not as a tactical IT project but as a strategic IT asset.
    2. Create a disaster recovery and business continuity process that is integrated into the organization
    3. Allocate costs associated with the disaster recovery business continuity plan as part of the base overhead so that costs are distributed across the entire organization
    4. Treat disaster recovery and business continuity as "mission critical" for cost and staff allocations
    5. Establish metrics for the process and timing of recovery events
    6. Test the plans at least once every six months or whenever there is major enhancement to the enterprise's computing or operational infrastructure
    7. Monitor how other enterprises and your competitors are faring after and event occurs
    8. Quarterly review you media communication protocol for who says what when to whom when an event occurs
    9. Pool your assets and personnel to provide resilience capabilities for interconnected systems or collaborative technologies such as payments or check processing.
    10. Test the back-ups (at least quarterly) so that what is taken is what is needed for recovery and that it meets your recovery performance metrics.

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    - Top 10 Best DR/BC best Practices

    Over 33% of all Disaster Recover Business Continuity Plans are not current

    Why is the Disaster Recovery Business Continuity Plan Out of Date?

    There are plenty of partial, outdated, or ineffective disaster and business continuity plans out there - why is it so difficult to get it right?

    • Data Collection
    • Data Inconsistency
    • Catorization
    • Manageability
    • Maintenance

    Disaster Recovery Plan is out of date

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    - Over 33% of all Disaster Recover Business Continuity Plans are not current

    Disaster Recovery with the Cloud

    How to do Disaster Recovery with the Cloud

    Disaster REcovery with the CloudWith the rise of hybrid and multi-cloud servers, you need a strategic and proactive approach to address the complexity, scale, and dynamic nature of modern hybrid environments.

    When disaster strikes, some CIO and IT Departments find their disaster recovery techniques and hardware configuration have not kept pace with a changed production environment.,They falsely believe the improved day-to-day resilience of their cloud environment lessens their need for disaster recovery (DR) planning. In fact, the opposite is true: Catastrophic hardware failures in the cloud environments bring down many more applications than in non-virtualized environments, making DR planning and implementation more critical, not less.

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    - Disaster Recovery with the Cloud

    Disaster Recovery and cyber sercurity issues

    Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

    Available in MS Word, PDF and eReader formats -- Disaster Recovery and cyber sercurity issues.

    What is the role of the business continuity professional in a world where the teenage hacker, cyber criminal and cyber terrorist attacks are increasing?

    Disaster Recovery Business Continuity

    Cyber security threats are real, they are difficult to manage and require specialist knowledge to protect the business, monitor the threat and handle the incursion.

    All the evidence points to a rapid growth in the sophistication of attacks and an increasing difficulty in countering the threat. Janco's Disaster Recovery Business Continuity template address these issues.

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    - Disaster Recovery and cyber sercurity issues

    Covid-19 Affects Some Industriies More Than Others

    Proven infrastructure and training key to telecommuting

    Unemployment for IT ProsIndustries most directly affected are travel, hospitality, restaurant, insurance. They are all buyers of technology, so technology vendors and service providers will experience sales decline in the short term. It is too early to tell if these intended purchases among U.S. and overseas customers will be postponed to later in the year, or shifted to other areas, such as upgrades to technologies that facilitate remote work or enhance disaster recovery effectiveness.

    The other big concern revolves around disruptions to global supply chains, which negatively impact the bottom lines of OEMs, but could potentially also lead to higher prices down the road, which hurts customers

    It is one thing to say that workers will work remotely and access sensitive and confidential information via the internet.  It is quite another to be able to assure executive management that critically sensitive information is protected and compliance mandates are met.

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    - Covid-19 Affects Some Industriies More Than Others

    Cost of Downtime is High

    The average yearly cost of downtime is $880,000 for mid-sized businesses.

    Cloud DRP SecurityHaving a data disaster recovery strategy in place is critical to ensure business continuity in the event of unexpected disruptions. Implementing such a strategy can be delayed for two reasons: one, it's complicated to evaluate business operations to find critical data that needs to be made available immediately after a disaster, and two, many believe that disaster recovery is just too expensive, particularly for small and medium-size businesses.

    Both of these issues create friction that slows down the adoption of disaster recovery strategies and technologies; but being able to recover quickly from a data disaster is more important than ever.

    The three main options that a small or medium sized company has when building a disaster recovery strategy are:

    • Physically moving tapes or drives offsite.
    • Replicating data between offices or to an offsite data center/centre.
    • DR-as-a-Service from the cloud.

    - Cost of Downtime is High

    Disaster Recovery Business Continuity Team Job Description Released

    Disaster Recovery Business Continuity Team Defined

    2020 Edition IT Job DescriptionsThe one area that there is lacking is the definition of responsibilities. To that end, Janco has created a unique set of job descriptions that define specific roles and responsibilities for individuals within the enterprise.

    The 2020 Edition of the IT Job Descriptions was juste released.  At the same the the Job Description DR/BC bundle (22 job descritions) was updated as well.

    The job description has all been reviewd in detail and validated for completness ana accuracy. They do meet all of the mandated compliance requirements and utilize CSS style sheets so they canbe customized with mininal effort

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    - Disaster Recovery Business Continuity Team Job Description Released

    VPS providers give users 48 hours to move off servers

    The ultimate disaster as vendors end VPS service

    Vendors end VPS Service20 web hosting providers have hastily notified customers today, Saturday, December 7, that they plan to shut down on Monday, giving their clients two days to download data from their accounts before servers are shut down and wiped clean.

    All Business Continuity Disaster Recovery Planning efforts need to encompass how employees will communicate, where they will go and how they will keep doing their jobs. The details can vary greatly, depending on the size and scope of a company and the way it does business. For some businesses, issues such as supply chain logistics are most crucial and are the focus on the plan. For others, information technology may play a more pivotal role, and the Business Continuity Disaster Recovery Plan may have more of a focus on systems recovery.

    - VPS providers give users 48 hours to move off servers

    5 Tips for DR and BC Managers

    Tips for Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

    Tips for DR and BC Managers:Disaster Recovery Security

    1. How to Evaluate your Disaster Recovery Plan  Evaluating your disaster recovery plan To ensure the protection of your critical data, applications, and the continuous availability of your network, you must look at...
    2. 10 Commandments of Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity  10 commandments of disaster recovery and business continuity planning As requirements for avoiding downtime become increasingly stringent, administrators need tools and platforms that can help...
    3. Options for a data center disaster recovery strategy  Data Center disaster recovery strategy – options A critical component of a disaster recovery business continuity is the data center disaster recovery strategy — Hot...
    4. 10 Characteristics of a Good Business Continuity / Disaster Plan  10 Characteristics of a Good Business Continuity / Disaster Plan Most organizations have a Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery plan – but how can you recognize...
    5. Should Disaster Recovery Plans Depend on SSD Storage  Can Disaster Recovery Plans depend on SSD storage Disaster Recovery depends on stable storage of data and modern storage technology (SSDs, No-SQL databases, commoditized RAID...

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    - 5 Tips for DR and BC Managers

    Pandemic planning a must is today's environment

    Pandemic planning a must is today's environment

    Pandemic planning seems to be a low profile area at the moment but if you think your organization is safe from a pandemic, think again. Unlike a regionally defined epidemic, a pandemic is capable of spreading virtually anywhere on the planet. This means that a pandemic may not only impact your staff and operations, but could compromise businesses all along your supply chain, your customer base, remote plants and much more.

    Pandemics have come and gone for centuries, with the modern world suffering three major influenza pandemics in the last century (1918, 1957 and 1968). The 1918 influenza pandemic lasted three years, killing more than 50 million people, making it one of the deadliest natural disasters in human history.

    Pandemic Reportcard

    - Pandemic planning a must is today's environment