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  • Power checklist for Disaster Recovery

    DRP Made Simple

    10 Point Checklist DR Power Requirements

    10 point checklist DR power requirements in Janco's Disaster Recovery Business Continuity template.  The checklist addresses the issues associated with power after an event disrupts availability. It is:

    • Electricity, water, broken wires do not mix. 
    • Understand the minimum power requirements to be operational.  
    • Have an adequate fuel supply to operate backup power sources.
    • Set reasonable response times for standby generator. 
    • Maintain your equipment and test it operations.
    • Understand your environment and geography. 
    • Set up generators in an "open environment".
    • Quarterly review your load. 
    • Meet all mandated compliance requirements.
    • Optionally contract for a rental power source.  Consider a rental generator power for use in the event of an extended outage.

    Disaster Recovery Business Continuity

    Disaster Recovery Plan Template  DRP Sample DRP Template

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    - Power checklist for Disaster Recovery

    Government Auditor finds Disaster Recovery Plans fall short

    Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Audit Recommendations

    Goverment Auditior finds Disaster Recovery Plans fall shorA government auditor has provided recommendations to government agencies after concluding that their disaster recovery processes are not sufficient to recover and restore critical IT systems following disruptions.

    The top five recommendations were:

    1. Create a "collaborative disaster recovery working group" to provide advice and technical support; share learnings from the disaster recovery tests and exercises undertaken; coordinate disaster recovery requirements for resources shared between agencies; identify, develop, implement, and manage initiatives impacting multiple agencies; and coordinate funding requests to ensure certain investments and requirements are prioritised.
    2. Perform a gap analysis on their disaster recovery requirements and resource capabilities in order to determine the amount of investment that will be required
    3. Develop and test disaster recovery plans for the IT systems that support critical business functions.
    4. Provide advice and training to staff on specific disaster recovery systems, as well as newly developed frameworks, policies, standards, and procedures to increase awareness and adoption of those systems.
    5. Establish "system obsolescence management processes" in order to identify and manage systems at risk of becoming obsolete; enable strategic planning, lifecycle optimisation, and the development of long-term business cases for system lifecycle support; and provide agency executives with information that will allow them to make risk-based investment decisions.

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    - Government Auditor finds Disaster Recovery Plans fall short

    2022 Edition of DRP/BCP Template Released

    DRP BCP Template 2022 Edition fully integrated with Janco's IT Infrastructure Policies - Cloud DR/BC supported

    DRP/BCP Template 2022 EditionThe Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) Template can be used for any size of enterprise. The Disaster Planning Template and supporting material have been updated to be GDPR,CCPA, Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPAA compliant. The template comes as both a Word document, a static fully indexed PDF document, and as an electronic book in .epub format. The Disaster Planning and Business Continuity Planning Template include:

    • Disaster Recovery Plan and Business Continuity Template
    • Ransomware guidelines that meet all mandated compliance requirements
    • Business and IT Impact Analysis Questionnaire
    • Work Plan
    • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Audit Program
    • Pandemic Planning Checklist
    • Vendor Partner DR/BC Questionnaire
    • Full integrated IT Infrastructure Policies
      - Backup and Backup Retention Policy
      - Incident Communication Plan Policy
      - Physical and Virtual (Cloud) Scrutiny Policy
      - Social Networking Policy
      - WFH & Telecommuting Policy
    • Electronic forms

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    - 2022 Edition of DRP/BCP Template Released

    IT Governance Drives IT Salaries Higher

    IT Governance salariesIT Governance drives IT Salaries Higher According to Survey

    IT governance's focus on data protection, privacy and information security have become a top priority for all organisations.

    Organisations are taking stronger measures to protect the information they process, which has increased demand for cyber security professionals. And with an average salary of over $95.000 USD, it's an industry that's well worth starting a career in.

    IT Median Salaries

    Mean IT salaries

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    - IT Governance Drives IT Salaries Higher

    Data has many homes - backup critical

    Bakup PolicyCIOs and IT Managers need to consider mandated backup compliance requirements

    Data now lives in more places than ever before and is constantly at risk from not just cybercriminals but clumsy employees too.

    Simply backing up your data is no longer enough to meet today’s complex data protection requirements.

    IT pros need a multipronged approach - a unified business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) solution that can protect all workloads and add immutability safeguards against cybercrimes and human errors.

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    - Data has many homes - backup critical