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It is essential to have a proper backup strategy in place in case something goes wrong. Below are articles and links to tools that can help you in the Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning and execution process. This knowledge base has been developed by Janco Associate, Inc.

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  • Top 10 Resume Mistakes

    Management of IT functions driven by CIOs and enterprises' startegic direction

    10 Things To Avoid In Your Resume

    1. Job DescriptionsResume that is too long
    2. Resume that does not represent you in the best first impression
    3. Resume that is not structured well
    4. Resume that contains spelling errors
    5. Resume that contains grammatical and tense errors
    6. Resume that does not agree with your "social profile"
    7. Resume that contains a photo
    8. Resume that is not 100% accurate
    9. Resume that is the same for each job and company
    10. Not following up

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    - Top 10 Resume Mistakes

    Project Manager - 6 steps to promotion

    Project Managers are challenged to deliver results on time and with budget

    Project Manager - 6 step to promotion in a fast paced environment.

    1. Make better and faster decisions
    2. Optimize the skills and opinions of all team members
    3. Minimize wasted time, energy, and resources
    4. Reduced wheel-spinning, ambiguity, and departmental politics
    5. Focus on critical results and outcomes
    6. Eliminated silos and focus on collective results

    Project Manager challenges

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    Sample Job Description

    - Project Manager - 6 steps to promotion

    Mobile device security at risk due to CIO decisions

    WFH - Mobile Device a Security Risk

    WFH and mobile device policy address security riskCOVID-19 forced most companies to empty office buildings and move everything (and everyone) to WFH, remote locations and the cloud in 2020. Security shortcuts were taken because of the abrupt change to work from home and typically the transitions took place in a few days.

    Also there were increased problems with IoT - especially as IoT devices in home environments accessed global systems via VPNs.  This was the primary cause of spreading malware through the enterprise' information pipeline. A recent Verizon mobile security report reported, almost 50% of the users interviewed admitted that their company had knowingly cut corners on mobile device security.

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    - Mobile device security at risk due to CIO decisions

    How to verify a candidates information

    IT Hiring Kit - Best PracticesIT Job Market is Recovering - Best Practices

    The IT job market is recovering form the shut downs.  Recruiting now is a priority for most CIOs. At the same time, candidates often say yes when they are offered a position even if they are not planning on taking the job. It is up to the company and its recruiters to create a situation that will assure that when they provide an offer it is accepted and the candidate actually starts.

    Ways to verify a candidates Information

    Here are the top 10 things that recruiters need to do

    1. Make the right first impression
    2. Have complete and accurate job description
    3. Have the candidate review the job description before the interview
    4. Communicate to the candidate what the interview will entail
    5. Be prompt
    6. Allow no interruptions
    7. Prepare for the interview
    8. Have materials to be provided to the candidate available
    9. Be enthusiastic make the job be the next best thing to sliced bread
    10. Provide a set of next steps at the end of the interview

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    - How to verify a candidates information

    Internet and Information Technology Job Description s - 2021 Edition Released

    IT Job Descriptions the complete CIO HR resource

    IT Job DescriptionsIT Job Descriptions updated to reflect latest compliance requirements. The Internet and IT Position Descriptions HandiGuide was completed in 2021 and is over 900 plus pages; which includes sample organization charts, a job progression matrix, and 312 Internet and IT job descriptions.

    The book addresses all mandated requirements, including the ADA, and is in an easy to use format. If you have ordered this in the past look at the version history to see the changes we have made and consider ordering the update service.

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    - Internet and Information Technology Job Description s - 2021 Edition Released

    Quick Response Key to Security Management

    Security Policies - Have quick response to fix security issues

    Quick Response Key to SecurityHow Apple addressed a serious security issue with FaceTime that allowed people to listen in, or even view video, from a recipient's iPhone without that person ever answering the FaceTime call.

    Almost immediately, Apple has disabled Group FaceTime capability on the server side so that people are no longer able to exploit this flaw until a software update can be issued. It only took a few hours since the first reports of this issue were discovered for Apple to take action so kudos to them for such a quick response.

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    - Quick Response Key to Security Management

    Microsoft takes over more control of user's PCs

    Patch Management now under more control of Microsoft

    Patch mangement and version controlUsers of Windows 10 Home have been allowed to pause feature upgrades up to 35 days since April 2019, when Microsoft made radical changes to upgrade timing control.  That has been eliminated for unmanaged PCs running Windows 10 Pro, Enterprise and Education, according to recently revised documentation.

    The company said it made the change in Windows 10 May 2020 Update, aka 2004, "to prevent confusion" on the part of customers.

    In versions prior to 2004, users were able to access deferral settings via the graphical user interface (GUI) within Settings  options. Microsoft Pro, Enterprise and Education users could manually defer feature upgrades – the two issued each year in spring and fall – by as many as 365 days. What Microsoft called "quality updates," another name for the monthly Patch Tuesday security updates, could be postponed by up to 30 days.

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    - Microsoft takes over more control of user's PCs

    Digital Transformation key CIO Priority

    Cloud Processing is the solution of choice for Digital Transformation Process

    Digital Transformation Top CIO priorityCompanies are going through a digital transformation because of Covid-19 and related shutdowns. The focus CIOs and CTOs to utilize technology to:

    • Drive increased business and top-line revenue growth
    • Support Work From Home (WFH) staff
    • Improve customer experience and satisfaction
    • Improve operational efficiencies
    • Support save separation for employees, suppliers, and customers

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    - Digital Transformation key CIO Priority

    Ransom of data and systems on the rise

    Securfity Policy and Procedure Manual Make Compliance Management Easier

    Security Manual Policies and Procedures8.7% of the more than 1,000 ransomware cases reviewed involved attackers stealing data from an organization and threatening to release it publicly unless victims paid the ransom demand. In addition, every attacker now typically demands a ransom payment only in bitcoins.

    Security and compliance are key to maintaining control of sensitive and confidential information.

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    - Ransom of data and systems on the rise

    Stay secure when working remotely

    Mobile User PoliciesMobility Policy Bundle address the top 5 security issues for mobile users

    The top 5 security best practices that mobile users should follow are:

    1. Make sure your home network is secure - make it password-protect your router
    2. Use a separate device or account for work. It's best to keep personal and professional devices and accounts separate.
    3. Encrypt sensitive files in transit and in storage.
    4. Stay informed on cybersecurity and social engineering trends-  scammers will try to pose as your colleagues or managers to try to get you to give up sensitive company information.
    5. Avoid public Wi-Fi, which is far more likely to have malicious actors connected to it or running it, as is the case with a hotspot.

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    - Stay secure when working remotely