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How do layoffs impact IT Pros

CIO and IT Manager news articles

Hiring of IT Pros Slowing are ayoffs take hold

Layoffs have far reaching impacts on both the people ware are laid off and those who remain.

  • 66% of layoff survivors report they feel overworked after the layoffs, and a third of those who survived a layoff believe that things will worsen for their company.
  • 81% of layoff victims say they experienced at least one symptom of depression after losing their job, and 73% struggle financially.
  • 83% of CIOs and CFOs believe layoffs are the right decision to make in recessionary times
  • 69% of layoff victims didn't receive any form of support from their former employers.   
  • 60% of layoff victims are less likely to trust their next employers.

Pay grades security pros

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- How do layoffs impact IT Pros

Over 4 Million individuals are employed as IT Pros in the US

Hiring of IT Pros Robust but Slowing

Hiring of IT Pros is hindered by the lack of qualified individuals. This will have a dampening impact on the growth of the IT Job Market size.

200,000 unfilled jobs - too few qualfiied candidates

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- Over 4 Million individuals are employed as IT Pros in the US

Blockchain Job Descriptions

Blockchain Job DescriptionAvailable for Immediate Download - Blockchain Job Descriptions

The major part of the blockchain and cryptocurrency jobs market remains to be focused on developers, and this continues to be the area of most demand. The "U.S Emerging Jobs Report" published by Linkedin shows that demand for blockchain developers has grown 33 times over the previous year.

The average salary for a blockchain developer was reported to be $127,000, according to Janco Associates, a consulting firm that conducts salary surveys.

Blockchain salary ranges

Web3 - Blockchain DLP Bundle & Job Family Classification

- Blockchain Job Descriptions

Free hacker tools make it easy to compromise weak passwords

Security Manual defines compliant password rules

Janco finds that over 30% of all users use the same passwords for multiple sites.  With that knowledge in hand hackers can target individual users to find their favorite passwords and use that information to more easily compromise secure business and personal data. 

Security Policies Procedures

Some of the tools they have available are:

  • Custom Word List Generator - Spiders a site or users social network postings to  determine unique words in site or in an individual's profile.
  • RSMangle - Takes a word list and generates mangled combinations and manipulations of those words.
  • Assocaited Word List Generator - Generates word lists based on search terms for a particular site or user profile.
  • Common User Password Profiler - A word list generator based on answers to questions that users submit to various web sites.
  • - A script that generates customized word list for a specific target so that a search is launched to find users in a company and then search profiles in social networks to generate a common word list.

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- Free hacker tools make it easy to compromise weak passwords

Hiriing Overseas Remote Workers

Hiring is more difficult in today's IT Job Market

Hiring Overseas Remote WorkersOyster enables global hiring. It has entities in multiple countries that handle payroll, compliance, benefits, etc. In short, if I’m a U.S.-based employer Oyster takes care of all the compliance work and issues the paycheck, but that’s it. The remote worker can be either a full-time employee of the U.S. firm or contractor.

Cultural and management issues are their primary concerns. In addition, they are worried about inter team dynamics and communication. WFH is one thing for someone who knows our work culture, but a foreign national who does not know how and why we do something is a management nightmare waiting to happen. 

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- Hiriing Overseas Remote Workers

IT Governance addresses top 10 security vulnerabilities

IT Governance addresses cloud processing security and compliance vulnerabilities

IT Governance Infrastructure HandiGuide by Janco addresses top 10 cloud security vulnerabilities.

  1. Data breaches
  2. Weak Security
  3. Non-Secure Interfaces & API
  4. OS vulnerabilities
  5. Account hijacking 
  6. Insider breach as System Administrator
  7. Parasitic code on server
  8. Data Destruction -
  9. Denial of service (DoS)
  10. Ransomware

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- IT Governance addresses top 10 security vulnerabilities

Employment Picture Continues to Improve

States with the Lowest Unemployment -- Full Employment States

In July there were 8 states at full employment (unemployment rates 3.5% or less) - Nebraska (2.3%), Utah (2.6%), South Dakota (2.9%), New Hampshire (2.9%), and Vermont (3.1%, Idaho (3.0%), Alabama (3.2%), and Oklahoma (3.5%).

Full Empployment States

Hiring is more difficult in today's IT Job Market

IT Pro's Hiring Kit - Includes latest IT Salary Data, Interview and Hiring Guide, and 312 Job Descriptions - In today's economy, nearly every organization faces pressure to have the right talent in place, run at peak efficiency and "do more with less". With the economy improvement and lowest unemployment numbers in several years, HR departments are pressured to get qualified professionals on board now.

Salary Survey Job Descriptions IT Job Families IT Hiring Kit Interview Guide

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- Employment Picture Continues to Improve

System Analyst Pay grades need to be fair and reflect market positions

System Analyst job class for pay gradesSystem Analyst Pay grades need to be fair and reflect market positions

Many organizations do not have a robust methodology for setting pay grades for high in demand positions. The IT Job Family Classification & Pay Grade System is shortcut created by Janco which has worked for many organizations.

The Professional Family has three (3) levels: Technologist (Level I), Supervisor (Level II), and Manager (Level III). Using that framework, we defined the System Analyst Class to include 5 specific job titles - System Analyst I (entry level ) though System Analyst V (Supervisor to Entry Level Manager). With some analysis Janco defined and created five detail job descriptions for those positions and applied them to the Professional Family.

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- System Analyst Pay grades need to be fair and reflect market positions

FCC fines ISP $750,000

FCC fines ISP $750,000

he FCC's Enforcement Division found that at five conventions across the U.S., the Smart City network sent coded messages called de-authentication frames to devices connected to personal hotspots, such as those created by smartphones.

These messages were sent to Wi-Fi base stations to terminate connections. The FCC said that Smart City was trying to force users to pay its $80 daily fee for Internet connectivity.

"It is unacceptable for any company to charge consumers exorbitant fees to access the Internet while at the same time blocking them from using their own personal Wi-Fi hotspots to access the Internet," said the chief of the FCC's Enforcement Bureau.

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- FCC fines ISP $750,000

CIOs and Cybersecurity Awareness

WFH increases CIO cybersecurity awareness

Top 10 Best Practices "World Class" CIOs follow include:WFH Security Best Practices

  1. Scan Network for Layer Vulnerabilities .
  2. Isolate executables from critical system resources
  3. Implement and manage a Patch Management / Version Control Policy
  4. Maintain a configuration management process
  5. Monitor and prevent internet activity with known un-trusted networks
    and devices
  6. Regularly scan internal and external applications
  7. Control WiFi usage and look for employees venturing to other WiFi networks  
  8. Monitor web traffic and install application level firewalls
  9. Conduct penetration testing which is not to be confused with vulnerability scanning
    methods of attack that could be used to compromise your networks. 
  10. Manage identities in a customer environment provides peace of mind that access is granted as needed

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- CIOs and Cybersecurity Awareness