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  • Updated CIO IT Infrastructure Policies and Electronic Forms Released

Updated CIO IT Infrastructure Policies and Electronic Forms Released

14 Policies are included in the policy bundle and 50 electronic forms in the electronic forms kit have been updated for BYOD and social networks

IT Infrastructure Policy BundleJanco Associates has just updated its CIO IT Infrastructure Policy Bundle. This is part of Janco's continuing effort to create a set of standard procedures that CIOs can implement to meet the challenges they face as they adjust to the new ways that technology is being used.

As the use of personal mobile devices, social networking, and expanding compliance requirements, CIOs are faced with the dilemma of how to balance business continuity, security, and compliance needs with an ever more complex operating environment while supporting increased business demands for more technology by an increasingly more technology literate user base. With our CIO IT Infrastructure Policy Bundle and electronic forms Janco has addressed those needs with the tools that are contained in this bundle.

Electronic FormsThe policies in the standard bundle are:  backup and backup retention; blog and personal web site; BYOD; incident communication; Internet, e-mail, social networking, mobile device, electronic communications, and record retention; mobile device access and use; patch management; outsourcing; record management, retention, and destruction; sensitive information; service level agreement with metrics; social networking; telecommuting; and travel and off-site meeting. More information on the policies bundle by clicking on Infrastructure Policies.

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Forms to support the policies are all included within the individual policies, plus modifiable electronic versions of the 50 forms are available in Microsoft WORD or EXCEL are available as a standalone item or as an add-on in a premium edition of the bundle.¬† The CEO added, “Managers have the option to order single policies, the bundle of 14 policies (with or without the electronic forms); or just the electronic forms. In addition, we offer subsets of the electronic forms necessary for Disaster Recovery Business Continuity; Records Retention and Disposition; or Safety Program.

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(updated 8/2018)

The IT Infrastructure Policy Bundle and the IT Infrastructure Electronic forms are update at least once every six months to meet the constrantly changing mandated requirement.

Security - Privacy - Compliance Management Issues

When dealing with cloud data and/or data that is accessed via the Internet, the enterprise must be aware of all mandated requirements for the location of the users who's data this is, the location where the cloud processing occurs, and the the location of the facilities and individuals who access that data. Each location may have different compliance requirement.

This offering is significantly impacted by mandated security and privacy requirements like GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and the CCPA (California Privacy Act). As privacy requirements are added, we will update this offering and all supporting policies / templates to be in full compliance.