Disaster Planning Risk Assessment

The Standard for Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

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A major part of the disaster recovery planning process is the assessment of the potential risks to the organization which could result in the disasters or emergency situations themselves. It is necessary to consider all the possible incident types, as well as and the impact each may have on the organization's ability to continue to deliver its normal business services.

Risk Score

This can be complex and demanding. To assist in this risk assessment process Janco has provided a number of tools. the Exhibit on the right is one such example.

There are many potential disruptive events and the impact and probability level must be assessed to give a sound basis for progress. To assist with this process the following list of potential events has been produced:

Types of Disaster

The disasters that need to be planned for are:

Environmental Disasters Man Made Equipment or System Failure IT Failures and Security Breaches

Power Grid Failure
Ice Storms
Electrical storms
Brush Fire
Forest Fire
Structure Fire
Sink Holes

Terrorist Attack
Labor Disputes
Cyber crime
Loss of records or data

Internal power failure
Air conditioning failure
Cooling plant failure
Equipment failure

Disclosure of Sensitive information
IT system failure

The Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity Template includes a threat and vulnerability assessment tool to aid you in classifying the risks enterprises face.

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