Disaster Recovery Business Continuity Testing Options

The strength and quality of a Disaster Recovery Business Continuity plan is driven by the test that the plan has been put through

Disaster Recovery Business Continuity Template

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According to our analysis, the potential financial loss due to downtime is huge.

For on-line retailers like Amazon, the hourly loss is over one million dollars. For a financial institution like Bank of America, the average hourly loss is closer to $1.5 million. And for utility companies such as telecommunications and energy, the potential loss can reach as high as $2.8 million per hour. That is over $67 million in a day.

One of the protections that enterprises, their suppliers, and customers is compliance with standards like ISO 22301 and testing of disaster recovery and business continuity plans.

With the advent of cloud processing and inclusion of the Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity, there now are additional complexities and risks.

Testing Alternatives - Advantages vs Disadvantages

Testing Alternatives - Advantages vs Disadvantages.

Order DRP BCP Template  DRP BCP Sample

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