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  • IT Governance Infrastructure addresses DR/BC

    DRP Template and Security Manuual Template

    IT Governance InfrastructureIT Governance offering helps to implement Best Practices

    The template covers everything from the basics to the organizational inter-relationships. Included in the template are:

    • Strategy and Charter Statement of Authority - Includes not only CIOs but also an IT Management Council (Steering Committee) and functional group leaders.
    • IT Management Structure - Organizational approaches, roles and responsibilities for both centralized and de-centralitized organizations.
    • Compliance - Objectives and responsibilities for IT, users, and auditors
    • Personnel Practices - Everything in the employment life-cycle
    • ERP and Omni Commerce - Strategy and best practices defined
    • Controls - Definition of types and risk analysis
    • Application Development Standards - Includes quality assurance requirements
    • Backup and Recovery - Strategy and process alternatives
    • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity - Includes critical function analysis
    • Security - Road map to how and what including appropriate management actions
    • Access Control - Including separation of duties and definition of least privilege
    • Server and Data Center Facility Requirements - Best practices to protect the physical assets
    • Technical Guides including: HIPAA Audit Program; ISO Security Audit Checklist; CIO job description; Security Management Compliance Checklist; and much more.

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    - IT Governance Infrastructure addresses DR/BC

    Disaster Planning Business Continuity fails after cyberattack

    Disaster Planning Business Continuity fails - cyberattack forces company to close its doors

    business continuity and securityAn Arkansas-based telemarketing closed its doors before a holiday due to a cyberattack.  Over 300 employees were let go and told to find new jobs. The primary casuse was that business continuity and diaster recovery efforts didn't go according to plan following a ransomware attack that took plas two months earlier.  

    Employees of the firm were notified of the decision just two days before a holiday, via a postal letter sent by the company's CEO.

    Local media reported, employees had no idea the company had even suffered a ransomware attack, and the layoffs were unexpected, catching many off guard.

    Approximately two months ago the company's servers were attacked by malicious software that basically held them hostage.  When the ransom was paid to get our systems back up and running, business continuity plan was not able to get them backup and running.

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    - Disaster Planning Business Continuity fails after cyberattack

    Business Continuity of Colonial Pipeline was not well planned for

    Ransomware Hits Home with Colonial Pipeline cyberattack - Business Continuity Plan was lacking

    Business Continuity PlanningData breaches and security incidents taking place at enterprise organizations are commonplace. Hardly a week goes by when we don't hear of yet another cyberattack on a well-known company -- but when core, critical utilities and country infrastructure is involved, things take an even more serious turn.

    Gas prices across the conuntry rose to over $3 a gallon.  Colonial Pipeline says the recovery will take some time as a system restart plan is being "developed". Some small lateral lines are back in service. However, it may be days before full functions are restored, and in the meantime, gasoline futures are rising and there is concern that some parts of the US may experience fuel shortages.

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    - Business Continuity of Colonial Pipeline was not well planned for

    Disaster Recovery Common Mistakes

    Disaster Recovery Business Contuintiy Common Mistakes

    Disaster Recovery Business Continuity Common Mistakes

    Most common mistakes made in Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning are eliminated by implementing the Janco Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Template. Problems that are avoided are:

    1. Failure to identify every potential event that can jeopardize the infrastructure and data that your enterprise depends
    2. Failure to cross-train personnel in disaster recovery and business continuity
    3. Failure to create a communication processes which will work when your communication infrastructure is lost
    4. Failure to have adequate backup power
    5. Failure to know which resources need to be restored first
    6. Failure to have  adequate physical documentation of your Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plan  
    7. Failure to validate the adequacy of your back ups
    8. Failure  to test your Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plan
    9. Failure to have passwords available to the Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity team - Though password protection is a key goal for data security, you need to store
    10. Failure to keep your Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plan up to date

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    - Disaster Recovery Common Mistakes

    Failure to meet compliance madates costly

    Disaster Recovery Plan meets all compliance requirements

    Disater Recovery compliance requiremtnsToday's business environment is characterized by mounting pressure to comply with a growing variety of laws and regulations concerning IT standards and controls. To create a pathway to compliance for an enterprise requires having a clear understanding of the current control environment and a solid plan for creating policies that promote compliance.

    Businesses may incur financial or legal penalties for failing to comply with these data or business availability requirements.

    • HIPAA - Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
    • SOX - Sarbanes-Oxley Act
    • BASEL II - New Basel Capital Accord
    • Gramm-Leach-Bliley Financial Services Modernization Act
    • Patriot Act - Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act

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    - Failure to meet compliance madates costly