Day After the Disaster - Will You Still Be Operational?

Day After the Disaster - IT Disaster Recovery planning is a critical aspect of all business continuity programs, but often relies heavily on manual procedures and spreadsheets to track the variety of critical configuration details needed. The Janco Disaster Planning - Business Continuity Template offers a better way to integrate structured operational requirements with recovery procedures.

The Disaster Planning - Business Continuity Template allows facilitates your organization to:

  • Obtain operational dependency information for the business impact analysis, simplifying the establishment of recovery time objectives
  • Identify and track the infrastructure needed to recover key process and including IT application requirements
  • Document both application and infrastructure recovery plans using Microsoft Word based procedures
  • Track what infrastructure has been allocated a recovery sites and identify gaps quickly

The format of this template also allows your team to update operational requirements and configuration information in one place. In addition, recovery procedures are documented using Microsoft Word documents The Disaster Planning - Business Continuity Template combines the structured plan with the details in the Microsoft Word document to create one complete tool.

Once a disaster occurs and the DRP and BCP are activated, many risks and exposures are faced -- both operational and systemic. The success of the recovery is directly related to the quality of the plan, the training provided, and the testing that has occurred before the disaster occurs. Factors considered include:

  • Power failures take down telecommunications
  • Travel and transportation restrictions
  • Personnel issues
  • Critical facilities locations
  • Stagged resources
  • Data management challenges
  • Insurance coverage
  • Hardware

These are just some of the factors to consider. The Disaster Recovery Business Continuity Template has been chosen by over 3,000 enterprises in over 90 countries. It is the industry standard.

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Version 6.2 of the Disaster Recovery Business Continuity Template Released

ISO 27031 compliance requirements met by DR BC Template

With the recent release of the final issuse of the ISO 27031 Information Technoilogy - Security Techniquese - Guidelines for information and communication readiness for businss continuity by the International Standards Organization, Janco has updated it template to show how it fully compliles with the standard.

ISO 27031

The ISO Standard defines the Information and Communication Technology (ITC) Requirements for Business Continuity (IRBC) program that supports the mandate for an infrastructure that supports business operations when an event or incident with its related disruptions affects the continuity of critical business functions. This includes security of crucial data as well as enterprise operations.

The ISO standard centers around fours areas; Plan, Do, Check, and Act.

Plan Do Check Act Cycle

    • Plan - Establish a Disaster Recovery Business Continuity policy with objectives, metrics, and processes relevant to managing risk and improving the enterprise's Information and Communication Technology ability and readiness to operate at the level defined within the parameters of the enterprise's overall disaster recovery and business continuity objectives.

    • Do - Implement and operate the Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity policies, procedures, controls, and processes.

    • Check - Assess and monitor the performance metrics as defined within the Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity policy metrics and communicate the results to the management of the enterprise. This process can be done via an audit, a test of the plan, or an actual execution of the plan via a post event analysis session.

    • Act - Modify the Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity policies, procedures, and metrics based on the "Check" (audit, test, or execution of the plan) in order to improve the Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Policy.

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DRP / BCP Template
Disaster Recovery Business Continuity

Industry standard for Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity. Over 3,000 enterprises world-wide have chosen this tool.

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