Janco Associates - IT Governance - IT Infrastrucure - job descriptions - salary surveyDisaster Plan / Business Continuity Ver 5.5 Released by Janco

Janco has just released version 5.5 of it Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity Plan. Janco has sold copies of this template in over 70 countries around the globe.

M. Victor Janulaitis, CEO of Janco Associates, Inc. (Janco), announced today the release of Version 5.5 of its Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Template. Along with the generic metrics, the WORD template now also includes a definitions of compliance requirements of Sarbanes-Oxley, Cobit, HIPAA, PCI DSS, and the state requirements for Massachusetts, New York and California.

This electronic document is over 220 pages and can be used in the creation of a unique Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) and Business Continuity plan (BCP) for any entity. In the process of creating DRPs and BCPs for organizations across the country, Janco has found every department, in every corporation or organization needs a universal, yet comprehensive DRP and BCP to safeguard the use of their computers and all related equipment and information which support enterprise wide operations in the event of a disaster.

Version 5.5 has detail Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity activation procedures for the plan as well as a specific forms for web site that are informational and e-commerce based. Included are detail audit checklist as well as specific rules for record management and backup retention.

Janco's Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Template provides clear examples of how to create a DRP/BCP for any organizations. It is a model any sized organization can use. It is comprehensive without being wordy or pedantic. The process created is concise and easily understood by all employees. "The template has checklists and examples of what is needed to get systems and networks back in working order quickly. Janco's work with clients who have suffered fires, earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes and other disasters has been used in creation of this inexpensive template", asserted Janulaitis. "The template is the blueprint that can be used by any organization".

The Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Template is available in electronic download format.

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The DRP template is over 200 pages and includes everything needed to customize the Disaster Recovery Plan to fit your specific requirement. The electronic document includes proven written text and examples for the following major sections of a disaster recovery plan:

  • Plan Introduction
  • Business Impact Analysis - including a sample impact matrix
  • DRP Organization Responsibilities pre and post disaster - DRP / BCP checklist
  • Backup Strategy for Data Centers, Departmental File Servers, Wireless Network servers, Data at Outsourced Sites, Desktops (In office and "at home"), Laptops and PDA's.
  • Recovery Strategy including approach, escalation plan process and decision points.
  • Disaster Recovery Procedures in a check list format
  • Plan Administration Process
  • Technical Appendix including definition of necessary phone numbers and contact points
  • Job Descriptions
    • Disaster Recovery Manager
    • Manager Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
    • Pandemic Coordinator
  • Work Plan to modify and implement the template. Included is a list of deliverables for each task. (Risk Assessment and Vulnerability Assessment)