How IT Salary Survey is conducted

Janco and has conducted salary surveys of the IT Job market since 1989. The data from this survey has been published in the Computer Industry Almanac, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, eWeek, and many other business and industry publications. In addition over the years it has been featured on CNN, the Wall Street Journal, and several national and international media outlets.

The salary survey is updated twice a year; once in January and then again in July. Janco and not only look at base salaries, they also report on total compensation.

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You can get a free copy of the full survey if you provide 10 valid data points and use a corporate e-mail address. Free e-mail accounts like gmail or yahoo do not qualify as we have no way to verify the accuracy of the data provided.

Methodology for Salary Survey

Below Benchmark Range - Highly impacted by forces of the marketplace

Within Benchmark Range - Subject to the normal forces of the marketplace for similar job functions and responsibilities.

Above Benchmark Range - Not subject to the forces of the marketplace

The Benchmark represents our assessment of the compensation level required for organizations to remain competitive and minimize the risk of losing employees to other organizations.

Reviews were conducted from the standpoint of a comparison of base salary and, when appropriate, from the additional standpoint of total compensation. Total compensation is determined by adding the budgetary bonus amounts and an equivalent cash value for above-standard compensation to an individual's base salary.

The compensation Study data was divided into two categories. Large companies are companies whose gross revenues are equal to or greater than $500MM. Mid-sized companies are companies whose gross revenues are less than $500MM.

Survey Size

The survey size and number of participants was

  • Large Companies
    • Number of companies 252
    • Number of data points 24,781
  • Mid-Sized companies
    • Number of companies 722
    • Number of data points 29,643

Cities Surveyed in the Salary Survey

Janco's IT Salary Survey includes the following 78 United States cities, as well as 23 selected cities in Canada. Median compensation data is provided for each city in the survey.

US Cities

Akron Albuquerque Allentown Anchorage
Atlanta Atlantic City Austin Baltimore
Bellingham Boise Boston Buffalo
Charleston Charlotte Cheyenne Chicago
Cincinnati Cleveland Colorado Springs Columbus
Dallas Denver Des Moines Detroit
Duluth Gary Grand Rapids Green Bay
Honolulu Houston Indianapolis Kansas City, MO
Las Vegas Lexington Little Rock Los Angeles
Louisville Madison Memphis Miami
Milwaukee Minneapolis Nashville New Orleans
New York Oakland Oklahoma City Olympia
Omaha Orange County CA Orlando Peoria
Philadelphia Phoenix Pittsburgh Portland, ME
Portland, OR Provo/Orem Raleigh-Durham Rockford
Sacramento Salt Lake City San Antonio San Diego
San Francisco San Jose Seattle Sioux Falls
St. Louis Stamford Syracuse Toledo
Topeka Tucson Tulsa Washington
Wichita Winston-Salem

Canadian Cities

Calgary, AB Charlotte, PE Edmonton, AB Fredericton, NB
Guelph, ON Halifax, NS Hamilton, ON Hull, QC
London, ON Montreal, QC Niagara Falls, ON Ottawa, ON
Quebec City, QC Regina, SK Saskatoon, SK St. John's, NF
Sudbury, ON Toronto, ON Vancouver, BC Victoria, BC
Whitehorse, YT Windsor, ON Winnipeg, MB

Positions Surveyed

The following seventy-three (73) positions were surveyed for the Janco Associates, Inc. IT Salary Survey.

Executive Management

VP Chief Information Officer, VP Chief Security Officer, VP Administration, VP Consulting Services, VP Information Services, VP Technical Services, Director IT Planning, Director Production/Data Center (Operations), Director Systems & Programming

Middle Management

Manager Applications, Manager Blockchain, Manager Computer Operations, Manager Customer Service, Manager Data Communications , Manager Database , Manager Information Center, Manager Internet Systems, Manager Network Services, Manager Op Systems Prod, Manager Production Services, Manager Production Support, Manager Quality Control, Manager Security and Workstations, Manager Systems and Programming, Manager Technical Services, Manager Training Documentation, Manager Voice Data Communication, Capacity Planning Supervisor, Change Control Supervisor, Computer Ops Shift Manager, Computer Ops Shift Supervisor, Data Entry Supervisor, Production Control Specialist, Production Services Supervisor, Project Manager Applications , Project Manager Distributed Systems, Project Manager Network Techical Services, Project Manager Systems, Supervisor Hardware Installations, Supervisor Desktop Support, Supervisor Network Services, Voice/Wireless Communications Manager, Webmaster


Change Control Analyst, Computer Operator, Data Center Facility Administrator, Data Entry Clerk, Data Security Administrator, Database Specialist, Disaster Recovery Coordinator, e-Commerce Specialist, Forms and Graphics Designer, Hardware Installations Coordinator, Internet developr, IT Planning Analyst, LAN Applications Support Analyst, Librarian, Network Control Analyst, Network Services Administrator, Network Technician, Object Programmer, Operations Analyst, Personal Computer Specialist, Production Control Analyst, Programmer/Analyst, Senior Network Specialist, Software Engineer, Systems Analyst, Systems Programmer, Systems Support Specialist, Technical Services Specialist, Technical Specialist, Voice/Wireless Communications Coordinator, Web SEO Analyst

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If you provide ten or more job title data points you will qualify to get a free copy of the full study. If you have any questions on the survey send us an e-mail at Janco Associates.