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Chief Digital Officer (CDO) has an expanding role

CDO Job DescriptionChief Digital Officer (CDO) has an expanding role

Chief Digital Officer CDO's has responsibilities over governance, data risk and compliance that overlap with the duties of the Chief Security Officer (CSO). A new chief in the C-suite often triggers confusion, uncertainty, resistance and even conflict, says the CEO of Janco Assoiates, a technology and  infrastructure management consulting organication, which helps guide executive management meet these challenges.

- Chief Digital Officer (CDO) has an expanding role

Up to 90% of devices are exposed to cyber threats

Top Secrutiy WeaknessesCybersecurity Awareness is lacking for many users

In a number of securtiy audits Janco found:

  1. Few consumers and many businesses do not have their devices configured to protect privacy
  2. Approximately one third of user have their cameras open to the Internet and malware
  3. Over three quarters of all users had prior or current password exposed on the Dark Web
  4. Almost 90% of all users were missing anti virus protectection, not using VPNs, faulty or missing firewall protection, and or password safes

Secrutiy Audit Discoveries - In a review of 138 enterprise audits Janco has identified top security flaws in "enterprise" ecommerce sites, web and blog sites.

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- Up to 90% of devices are exposed to cyber threats

H1-B Visa program swamped

US Corporations pay more to average H-1B Visa holders than do non-US Companies

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) reported it had reached the congressionally mandated 65,000 H-1B visa regular cap for fiscal year 2020 in only four days. The program fills rapidly every year, this is the sixth year in a row that the cap filled within four days of the application portal opening.

The H-1B program will award 65,000 visas to foreign-born tech workers, and an additional 20,000 to foreign national talent with advanced degrees. The USCIS feels it has enough applications to fill all spots in the general pool, and as of April 10, it appears there are enough applicants to also fill the "master’s cap" pool.

H1-B Historic Compensation

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- H1-B Visa program swamped

Many C-Level executive fear failing a compliance audit

PCI-DSS, Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, GDPR, CaCPA, GLAB, COBIT, and ISO 27000 Compliance Mandates

Compliance MandatesAre you overwhelmed or scared at the thought of a compliance auditor conducting a walk-through of your facility? Imagine that auditor showed up at your place of business today. What would you do? How would you handle the audit?

Manage compliance mandates and never fear another audit in this information-packed Tool Kit.  IT has been certified industry leadiing compliance experts. The tool kit directs you through the process of a compliance audit and deliver actionable takeaways to help you, the employer, protect your organization from citations.

Compliance Management KitOrder Compliance management Kit

- Many C-Level executive fear failing a compliance audit

IT Governance and service desk effectiveness

IT GovernanceThe right tool - IT Infrastructure Architecture for CIOs who want to create a world class IT function

IT Governance needs to address service desk effectiveness

An effective, efficient service desk is a critical component of any successful organization. By choosing a flexible, integrated solution that delivers secure, comprehensive incident management and request fulfillment, you can improve user productivity and satisfaction while reducing costs, ensuring compliance with SLAs, maximizing value and positioning IT as a strategic business partner within the larger organization.

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- IT Governance and service desk effectiveness

Privacy Laws in the US

Privacy Laws in the US and Compliance Policy 

Privacy Laws in the USPrivacy laws already on the books are all overseen by a specific agency within the federal government, not by a single government authority. That’s because we don’t have a data privacy authority, whereas the EU countries all do. Without one, it would be very difficult to enforce a federal privacy law.

For example, COPPA exists to protect the privacy of children online, FERPA protects the privacy of students, HIPAA protects the privacy of patient data, and the FTC enforces consumer data privacy, to name a few.

In many ways we have an antiquated policymaking infrastructure. It’s a patchwork of controls that have no unifying principles and no unifying institutions to coordinate policy. In addition, we generating too much data. Think of all the IoT devices out there and the amount of data produced. Who is responsible for all that information? Our fitness trackers and smart watches, which it used as an example, hold a lot of personal and medical data, the kind of information that is in part covered by HIPAA and would be covered, theoretically, under a data privacy law, depending on which company held the data.

It makes little sense that protection of data should depend entirely on who happens to hold it. This arbitrariness will spread as more and more connected devices are embedded in everything from clothing to cars to home appliances to street furniture. Add to that striking changes in patterns of business integration and innovation — traditional telephone providers like Verizon and AT&T are entering entertainment, while startups launch into the provinces of financial institutions like currency trading and credit and all kinds of enterprises compete for space in the autonomous vehicle ecosystem - and the sectoral boundaries that have defined U.S. privacy protection cease to make any sense.

One overarching federal data privacy law is not necessary in my opinion and a working group of public and private agencies capable of helping both government and private businesses improve their data security practices would be far more beneficial.

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- Privacy Laws in the US

Infromation glut key to long-term success

Right tools for IT Infrastructure for CIOs who want to create a world class IT function

The wealth of information at in an enterprise represents a truly unique advantage. It can offer insights into the lives of customers, their ambitions, their dreams, their needs and their challenges.

Importantly, this data can feed the analytics which guide the development of ever more personalised products and services for customers. Breaking down the silos of data, and creating more dynamic ways of accessing it, will make those companies who grab those challenges the standout prganizations of the future in an increasingly operating environment.

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- Infromation glut key to long-term success

Privacy Compliance Policy

Privacy Compliance Policy meets new California Privacy and GDPR mandated requirements

Privacy Compliance PolicyRight to privacy has been defined in two major pieces of legislation – one for the EU (GDPR) and the other in the California Privacy act which will take effect in 2020.

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- Privacy Compliance Policy