CIO Salaries - C-Level Salaries in IT

CIO Compensation and Technology C-Level Positions almost double the mean compensation of lower level IT Pros

The Chief Information Officer is part of the executive management team in most enterprises. At the same time there are several other top level positions for IT pros that are at the C-Level

Compensation for C-Levels with Information Technology

c-level salaries

The compensation for many CIOs now tops over $250,000 with the mean total compensation package just under $300,000 with the fourth quartile salary above $400,000. It has been just over 10 years since we identified 15 CIOs who were paid over $1,000,000 per year. (Information published in Forbes 2013).

Role of the CIO

The CIOs responsibilities are expanding and the job description that is on file in most organizations is out of date. Key skills that need to be included are:

  • Visionary and pragmatic - It is not enough to plan for innovation, the CIO needs to be perceptive and realistic. As an insightful manager, a CIO promotes broad technology agenda to help the business profit from leading-edge initiatives. At the same time as a pragmatist, a CIO deals with the realities of the business. The pragmatist also facilitates the productivity of current IT solutions. The CIO focuses on minimizing cost and maximizing results, in addition the CIO helps to increase the customer and product/service base of the enterprise.

  • Focus on ROI improvement of IT - CIOs will find new ways to help customers and the organization profit from how data is used while focusing on managing budgets and processes to eliminate or reduce costs.

  • Inspirational Leader - inspires the enterprise and expand the business impact of IT - CIOs will have proven expertise in both business and technical facets of their role. CIOs will interact with the enterprise and its executive team as enterprise leaders and drive new business initiatives and shifts jointly the other members of the executive team.

    Changing Role of the CIO

    The role of the CIO and CTO is changing as more enterprises move towards a "Value Added" role for the Information Technology function. Those changes are depicted in the detailed job descriptions that have been created for all of the functions with IT -- especially for the CIO and CTO. The table below depicts several of those changes.

    CIO and CTO Changing Role Job Description

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