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Janco has just released its Cloud Outsourcing Template and it updated OS and Browser Market Share Study. The first 100 customers who order the Cloud Template will qualify for a free copy of the OS and Browser study. After we process your order, if you are one of the first 100 customers, we will send you a download link

The process of recruting continues to be complex as new technologies and solutions are utilized for the processing and access to emterprise data resources. Hiring is a key component of that process.

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Practical Guide for Cloud Outsourcing Released

Microsoft's IE Loses More Market Share

Practical Guide for Cloud Outsourcing Released

Cloud ComputingCloud Outsourcing does not remove the enterprise's requirement to manage the process. A comprehensive cloud outsourcing arrangement requires Service Level Agreement (SLA) monitoring and redefinition, as well as strategic management and other retained functions.

Many CIOs and business leaders are using the cloud within their enterprise data centers to take advantage of the best practices that cloud computing has established -- scalability, agility, automation, and resource sharing. By using a cloud-enabled application platform, companies can choose a hybrid approach to cloud computing that employs an organization's existing infrastructure to launch new cloud-enabled applications. This hybrid approach allows IT departments to focus on innovation for the business, reducing both capital and operational costs and automating the management of complex technologies.

The new template gives you the tools that you need to manage the challenges created by the move to cloud processing.

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Microsoft's IE Loses More Market Share

In the last several months Microsoft's browser market has continued to decay. Firefox and Google (Desktop and Chrome) continue to have the potential to eat away at the Microsoft browser monopoly.

Users who move to Vista and Windows 7can more readily have multiple browsers on their systems and switch from one to the other quickly and with little pain. In addition with the release of the browser ballot option for the EU we forecast there will be a continual erosion of Microsoft's IE market share.

Based on our test results current versions of IE and Firefox are significantly more robust than prior versions. In addition, IE 8 is feature rich and a step ahead of the other browsers. Chrome has major defects which limits its usefulness on all sites. Several of these defects are highlighted in this White Paper.

Broswer Market Share

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