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The browser choices are more limited

The browser Mobile users select - (Translated from Chineese) - Market research firm Janco Associates chief executive officer Victor Janulaitis said: as a result of the financial crisis, fewer users experiences other browsers.Many companies will say: I only use the IE browser. Considered the security reason, they hope the centralized control one kind of browser.

Trends in Browser Market Share 12 Months - February 2010 - February 2009

Browser Market Share

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Before this, passes through many year markets to mix the cards, the enterprise tabletop browser market already stabilized. According to the Janco Associates investigation showed that in last year, Microsoft's IE browser occupied 70% market share, the red fox browser has occupied 20% shares. Other market share is: Google Chrome occupied 4%, Opera to account for 1%, apple Safari occupies 1%, Mozilla and Netscape's old edition browser shared the share which was left over.

The present market conditions were presenting the transformation. Is issued since the first commercial browser, the browser market share presented many times the adjustment in 15 years.

a 15 year ago Tuesday, first commercial browser Netscape Navigator is promoted. Although included World Wide Web founder Timm Berners Li and between 1991 to 1994 has promoted the Unix browser located at the American country supercomputing application center in team, but Netscape Navigator was actually the first commercial browser, and, therefore widely known.

In this period, the browser appeared has competed for the market share, to have the lawsuit which led by the government, to initiate the hacker to carry on events and so on attack. Now revolves to browser's innovation for the mobile equipment, the public relations website to found new and the more easier to use browser.

The enterprise browser market presents the stable reason to stem from the massive organizations and the company centralized control one kind of browser, what they usually use is the IE browser.

If the isle of man government's 5500 computers in browser promotion is IE8 completely. Because all government employees use the Internet, the Web application procedure and the SharePoint website, therefore they must depend upon the browser every day to be able to work.

Isle of man government chief technology official Peter Clarke indicated that the browser standardization's advantage included the program performance which needed regarding the commercial function, the management, the security patch and the ordinary charge fell lowly.He said that the choice is not the commercial demand, but is the nonessential cost expenses.

Before changing into IE8, what isle of man use is IE6 and 7. The user complained frequently these old editions the IE browser lacks the enough support to the Web standard and the Java small application procedure.

Although considered browsers and so on red fox and Opera, but the isle of man government indicated that the reason that they chose IE8 are because this was the market possessive amount biggest enterprise browser. At present, Clarke is very satisfied to his choice.

At present the isle of man government forbids the employee to download uses other browsers in them in table model machine or the notebook. In computer's all procedures are locked, can only use after the software which is authorized.

Clarke said that browser's patch may gain automatically, does not need the user to worry. If the patch is unimportant, their unified agreement, if will be very essential, they will carry on the promotion immediately.