Security Predictions for 2019 and beyond

Security will continue to be a issue in 2019 and 2020. CIOs and CSOs need to brace themselves for the onslaught of cyber attacks they face.

Security predictions for 2019

  1. Robotics and AI will become a focus of hackers and security breaches.  This will result in more dangerous outcomes for enterprises as people and decisions will be under greater physical threat.
  2. Biometric data will come under attack.  Theft and the unauthorized usage will compromise major systems
  3. Administrative accounts of all types will continue to be attacked and generate the greatest exposure that enterprises, their data, and PII information will command a high premium on the black market.
  4. Know vulnerabilities will provide opening for breaches.  Enterprises that do not address these holes quickly put their enterprises’ reputations at risk
  5.  Breaches on blockchain applications will put major supply chains at risk
  6. IoT will become major targets as private hackers, competitive enterprise and state sponsors will attack every conceivable vulnerability
  7. Industrial control systems - With automation of industrial control systems enterprises will see an increase in the attention that ICS/SCADA systems attract from cyber-criminals and nation-state hackers.
  8. Android closes open access - Android will no longer be fully open and extensible.
  9. Infonomics  will be  mainstream - just like other intellectual property, expect businesses to begin applying a value to the data and disclosing the information they have and what it costs.
  10. Millennials will continue to share everything on social media as they do not understand the cost associated with the loss of privacy. Expect data classification to evolve based on the youngest users, and what we consider private today will not be private, or of a concern, tomorrow.

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Security Job Description Bundle


With all of the security and hacker breaches, IT is faced with some difficult phalanges. Janco's Security Manual Template is one solution. It is augmented with the 25 full job descriptions which define specific roles an responsibilities. Included is a bonus of a pay scale summary for the Security Job Family. This was created as part of Janco's semi-annual IT Salary survey.

The job descriptions included in this bundle are:

  • Manager Network Services
  • Manager Security and Workstations
  • Manager Training - Documentation
  • Manager Voice and Data Communication
  • Manager Wireless Systems
  • Identity Management Protection Analyst
  • Information Security Analyst
  • Network Security Analyst
  • System Administrator - Linux
  • System Administrator - Unix
  • System Administrator - Windows
  • Wi-Fi Administrator