Record Management Template Launched

Janco has just updated its CIO IT Infrastructure Policy Bundle - includes 18 procedures with the Record Management Retention and Disposition Policy and electronic forms

Record Management PolicyRecord Management Template Launched - Janco Associates, Inc. has just released it latest update to the IT Infrastructure Policy Bundle. Janco's updated Record Management and the Version Control Policy Templates.

The Record Classification, Management, Retention, and Destruction policy is a detail template which can be utilized on day one to create a records management process. Included are not only a Interview Checklist for implementing the template but over one dozen forms to facilite the implemention and maintence of the process. The template comes with 12 records retention and disposition schedule electronic forms including:

  • Personnel Records
  • Administrative Records
  • Facility Records
  • Financial Records
  • Sales Records
  • Computer and Information Security Records
  • Computer Operations and Technical Support
  • Data Administration
  • General Systems and Application Development
  • Network and Communication Services
  • User and Office Automation Support
  • Safety Records

What types of records are covered and for how long?

Record Retention Requirements

The Record Classification, Management, Retention, and Destruction policy is available as a standalone product or within Janco's CIO IT Infrastructure Policy Bundle. Janco's IT Infrastructure Policy Bundle of 18 policies and the 63 associated electronic forms are a must have for every organization. For more details go to:

Every CIO needs to be concerned about an efficient and effective IT infrastructure. With these products, the CIO can quickly implement a program that meets the requirements that external auditors are demanding and executive management is expecting. In addition, these proven policies are some of the best in the marketplace today.

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