Mobile Application Must Haves for the CIO

Mobile app CIO requirementsMobile Application Must Haves for the CIO - Business mobility is no longer a wave of the future, it is a reality of how we do business today. As more people adapt to the mobile technology, businesses are changing as well.

Mobile apps can be split into three types; first generation, second generation, and third generation. First generation apps are usually communication apps, such as email, calendars, and messaging apps. Second generation would be more core business apps and are sometimes called “Line-of-Business (LOB)” apps, as TechTarget explains. Third generation apps are applications that increase the capabilities of mobile workers, such as GPS, HD video cameras and better interfacing. Each of these generations has something to offer a business.

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As a smart CIO, having a mobility strategy will help your company excel in the next generation of business. Equipping you and your employees with such tools as the new Apple iPad Air can expand your business capabilities from the minute you get it at T-mobile and into the future. Here are some first, second and third generation apps that will give you a nice start on your flight to success:

First Generation

Google Calendar - Create calendars for your whole business with the ability to share, send group notifications, set reminders, leave notes, and sync to all of your devices. From office, to phone, to home, keep track of all of the important dates and times. Allows for multiple calendars, so you can keep track of all aspects from public to private.

Asana - Available for both Android and iOS, the project management device, Asana, keeps projects on track with task lists, attached files, images, and syncs from device to web-based. Share with all the team members, update tasks, and avoid confusion.

Second Generation

CloudOn - Productivity doesn't have to go down just because you are away from you computer. This app for both Android and iOS can give you the Microsoft Office tools you need while away from your desk. The app supports many of the program's advanced features and is designed for interfacing with a touch screen.

Roambi - You don't have to be an analytics expert to turn your “big data” into understandable information. Plug your data from anywhere into this app, available from the Apple iTunes store, and it makes easy to read charts or graphs on your mobile device.

Third Generation

Hotspot Shield - Information security is a very hot topic right now, with many people questioning the security of public WiFi and the number of security breaches by hackers. However, the Hotspot Shield app for Android, iOS, Mac and Windows creates a secure connection with encryption to protect your information when you are on mobile devices. This is essential to protecting you, your business, and your customers.

CamScanner - Keeping track of small documents like receipts, notes, tags, and business cards can be hard. But this app allows you to turn pictures into documents that are clear and easy to read, allowing you to get rid of all those scraps of paper. While simply taking a picture may not give you the clarity you need, this app actually converts the information from photo quality into document quality.