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Budgeting cycle looks at slow economy

Budgeting cycle looks at slow economy - Budgeting is about to begin and many CIOs and senior executives are concerned about the state of our economy. With this as a preamble, you need to have the right tools in place to help you through this process. Janco has created just what you need to help.

Productivity and IT Infrastructure Tools

Janco with its clients has created a set of Infrastructure tools that every CIO and IT organization needs. With all of the increased security threats and newly mandated requirements why create from these policies and tools from scratch. Janco has just updated all of these tools to reflect the latest mandated requirements and technological implications.

DRP / BCP Template

Disaster Recovery Business Continuity

Industry standard for Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity.

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Security Template

Security Manual Template

The IT Security Manual Template provides all the essential sections of a complete security manual.

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IT Job Descriptions

IT Job Descriptions

Job descriptions have been created for every position from CIO to Computer Operator

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Cloud Management

Cloud Management

Cloud Template provides EVERYTHING that is needed to select an outsourcer, enter into an agreement, and manage the relationship

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IT Infrastructure

IT Infrastructure Strategy & Charter

Defining Your Optimal IT Infrastructure is a critical task that can no longer wait with all of the mandated changes and service requirements.

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Salary Survey

Current IT Salary Survey

The industry standard for IT compensation answers question like - Are you paying too much or too little to your IT staff? How does your company rate?

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Janco's tools are your solution to improved productivity

Why re-invent the wheel when these tools provide you with the industry standard best practices in a way that can make your standout as a manager and leader who can get things done is quickly and cost effectively.

CIO Management Tool Kit

The Tool Kit contains tools which help an enterprise more easily manage each of the CIO concerns. The CIO Management Tool Kit is provided in MS WORD and PDF formats and includes the following:

  • Security Manual Template
  • How to Guide for Cloud Processing and Outsourcing
  • IT Job Family Classification HandiGuide
  • 300 Job Descriptions - From CIO to Blockchain developer
  • Interview and Hiring Guide
  • Latest IT Salary Survey
  • IT Governance Policy Bundle plus Electronic Forms
  • Business and IT Impact Questionnaire
  • Vulnerability and Threat Assessment Tool
CIO Management Toolkit

CIOs and CTOs are in a constantly evolving field, however world class CIOs and CTOs focus on three areas to help them manage more effectively. They are:

  • Technology
  • People
  • Infrastructure

This toolkit bundle is a collection of the latest CIO's tools which have proven to be the most productive.

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