PSR Reviews - Volume I Number 1

Audit - Reduces Unnecessary Expenditures

One major firm found that it had a surplus of over 100 PC's while continuing to purchase un-needed replacements.

Senior management of a large services firm was concerned about PC software and related support costs. PC costs were increasing and many different software tools were being purchased. The firm asked PSR to audit its PC software and to recommend steps to reduce PC software expenditures.

PSR extracted and analyzed the clients PC software, hardware and user information. During this audit,PSR found the firm was missing several PC's, supporting numerous brands of the same software types, using over fifty operating systems which were 'virus infected', and violating software copyright. As a result, building security was tightened, a standard list of supported software was developed, and 57 'virus infected' machines were reconfigured. Thus by using the PSR PC Audit program for analysis, client= software expenses were significantly decreased.

In addition, there are an increasing number of medium and large firms that are being prosecuted for software copyright infringement. This potential expense is not trivial. Large firms have had judgements against them of more than a million dollars. Our clients have found the PSR PC Audit Program provides them with the ability to manage and control PC resources and avoid unnecessary expenditure for legal fees and fines.

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