WYOD - Wearable Device Policy

Wearable Device PolicyThe use of wearable devices that can capture and broadcast video, voice, data and location information is increasing at an accelerated rate

Janco addresses the security, privacy and reputation management issues for a world in which wearable devices have cameras, microphones, massive data storage and INTERNET connectivity

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WYOD provide a variety of potential business or educational uses involving accessing, capturing and sharing data. At the same time they can pose a significant security risk to an organization with, the ability to surreptitiously record audio and video can threaten business confidentiality and jeopardize company data and even its reputation.

With that in mind, the consultants at Janco Associates have created a WYOD Policy that can be downloaded and used as a guideline for organizations as they establish rules for the use of such devices in the workplace.

If your enterprise does not have a Wearable Device Policy, then two types of things are happening:

  • Your company is losing potential productivity improvements and missing out on a truly unique tools
  • Users have personal Wearable Devices they are using and are already accessing your corporate network, with or without your knowledge -- The issue is that many CIOs are not doing anything to ensure that this is being done securely and in compliance with mandated federal, state, local, and industry requirements.

Template meets all mandated compliance requirements

Janco, in concert with a number of world class enterprises had created a Wearable Device Policy Template that addresses these issues and provides solutions for the following questions:

  • What are the legal implication of Wearable Devices - What is the impact of the Stored Communication Act - Record Retention and Destruction?
  • What happens to the data and audit trail on a Wearable Device when an employee leaves the company?
  • What about a lost or stolen devices?
  • How is the Wearable Device configured to receive and transmit corporate data?
  • What kind of passwords are acceptable to use on a Wearable Device?
  • What kind of encryption standards are acceptable for Wearable Devices data transmissions - both inbound and out-bound?

The purpose of the Wearable Device Policy Template is to define standards, procedures, and restrictions for end users who have specific and authorized business requirements to use the devices connected via a wireless or unmanaged network outside of ENTERPRISE's direct control.

Policy - It is 17 pages in length. It contains everything that an enterprise needs to implement a functioning and compliant Wearable Devices device and use process. Included are forms defining the mobile device environment.

Order WYOD policy  Download Selected WYOD policy Pages

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