Ransomware is only one of the risks that put the CIO's job at risk

Security Manual Template includes best practices for security including ransomware protection

Security Policies

Park City, UT - https://e-janco.com - Ransomware is only one of the risks that put the CIO's job at risk - Janco Associates has just released its latest version of its industry standard Security Manual Template which addresses the need to improve the IT and business technology security infrastructure. Mr. M. V. Janulaitis, the CEO of Janco Associates, Inc. said, "In interviews with over 110 CIOs and CFOs that have faced major security breaches, Janco has found that there is a 25% to 30% chance that there will be a new CIO in the organization within a year of a major breach.

As a result, CIOs and CFOs are stressed on focusing the prevention of security breaches, Ransomware attacks and compliance failures. " He added, "C-Level executives are struggling to get a handle on the ever changing landscape of security. With all of the cyberattacks and data breaches, it is clear that the security infrastructure for most enterprises needs to be constantly reviewed and re-vamped. Janco's Security Manual temple does that in a very pragmatic fashion. " Janulaitis said, "Over 1,200 companies in 150 plus countries have already selected Janco's Security Manual Template as the basis of shoring up their security infrastructure. "

In the latest version of the Security Manual Janco has:

  1. Added section on 10 Best Practices for Ransomware Protection;
  2. Added section on Practical Tips for Prevention of Security Breaches and PCI Audit Failures;
  3. Added section defining how to conduct the risk assessment process;
  4. Added a User/Customer Bill of Rights for Sensitive and Confidential Information; 4) updated all 25 of the included electronic forms; and
  5. Updated the entire template to meet the latest mandated compliance requirements and ISO standards.

The template also includes the Business Impact Analysis Questionnaire, Threat and Vulnerability Assessment Tool, SOX checklist, and PCI audit program all of which help create a living security infrastructure.

The CEO added, "The best features of the template are the definition of industry standard best practices for security and compliance, organization role and responsibility definitions, definition of how to deal with shadow IT, and BYOD."

The forms included with the Security Manual Template are: Blog Policy Compliance Agreement; BYOD Access and Use Agreement; Company Asset Employee Control Log; Email Employee Agreement; Employee Termination Procedures and Checklist; FIPS 199 Assessment; Internet Access Request Form; Internet and Electronic Communication Employee Agreement; Internet use Approval; Mobile Device Access and Use Agreement; Mobile Device Security and Compliance Checklist; New Employee Security Acknowledgment and Release; Outsourcing and Cloud Security Compliance Agreement; Outsourcing Security Compliance Agreement; Preliminary Security Audit Checklist; Risk Assessment; Security Access Application; Security Audit Report; Security Violation Procedures; Sensitive Information Policy Compliance Agreement; Server Registration; Social networking Policy Compliance Agreement; Telecommuting Work Agreement; Text Messaging Sensitive Information Agreement; and Threat and Vulnerability Assessment Inventory.

The Security Manual template is delivered electronically and comes as an easily modifiable MS WORD document. The template is over 250 pages long and includes everything needed to customize the security infrastructure to fit an organization's specific requirements.

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