Security Manual Addresses CCPA User Privacy and Control According to Janco Associates

The Security Manual is distributed with 27 electronic forms, 6 supporting policies and two critical job descriptions - CSO and Chief Compliance Officer

Security Policies

Park City, UT — – With CCPA mandates, there now are new standards for user privacy and control according to Janco Associates - Janco has just released an update to its Security Manual Template which identifies mandated user rights and enterprise responsibilities related to privacy protection. The CEO of Janco, Mr. M. Victor Janulaitis said, “We have reviewed in detail the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (CaCPA) and generated a detail list of user rights and business responsibilities that are mandated. The CaCPA requirements are very complex and significant resources will have to be allocated for organizations to comply with these new mandates. These mandates will impact all organizations that have an Internet presence in the U.S. and California in particular. As of January 1, 2020 everyone needs to comply.”

The Security Manual Template is now distributed in a segmented format with five (5) specific directories. They are:  1) Security Manual Template directory - containing the full editable MS WORD and pdf versions of the template; 2) Forms directory - containing all the forms that are needed to implement a "World Class" security infrastructure; 3)  Policy directory with 5 policies in MS WORD and pdf versions - Blog and Personal Website Policy - Mobile Use Policy - Sensitive and Confidential Information Policy - Server Security Policy - Travel and Off-Site Meeting policy; 4) Janco Associates Inc directory - with eBook versions of the Security Manual Policy and the supporting policies; and 5) Jobs directory with two complete job descriptions - Chief Security Officer (CSO) and Chief Compliance Officer (CCO).

Janulaitis said, “Our clients, who have had a chance to review this version of the Security Manual Template have told us that the new structure and the CCPA section are well-timed addition to the template. Most say this is a great tool can be put to work right away”. He added, “Along with the recently added GDPR Audit Checklist and the job description for a Data Protection Officer (DPO) the Security Manual makes life much simpler for individuals responsible for implementing the expanding list of privacy compliance requirements."

The current version of the Security Manual in addition to the CaCPA section contains a GDPR checklist, Best Practices for SIEM (Security Information and Event Management), and KPI METRICS for SIEM. A chapter on Identity Protection and what enterprises need to do to protect their users go together with the new CaCPA and GDPR requirements.

The CEO added, “We continue to update the Security Manual Template in concert with major firms around the globe helping them manage and protect their data assets. We continually update the template to meet the needs of organizations of every size. This includes checklists, policies, Best Practices, and electronic forms. It is a must-have tool for every organization.”  In addition, he said, "This is another of our infrastructure products that are available as eReader (.ePub) electronic documents. For more information go to

All of Janco’s products are delivered electronically in formats that are easily customizable by the user. Janulaitis said, “We have clients in over 100 countries that rely on our leading-edge products. We will continue to be at the forefront of infrastructure management as that is the strength of Janco. Over 1,200 companies have already selected Janco’s  Security Manual Template as the basis of shoring up their security infrastructure.”

More information on the template can be found on the Janco’s website at  and a full table of contents can be found by registering at audit compliance.

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