Managing Cybersecurity Exposure top CIO concern

Security Policies

There is a ‘corporate enlightenment’ on the magnitude of risk that the human factor brings to all companies. CEOs and Boards of Directors are requiring more visibility into their organization’s security posture in terms of insider threats, cyber awareness training, and end-user education.

Cybersecurity Management

Cybersecurity is a difficult and complex process. Little has changed in the past few years making the management process any easier.  Many enterprises do not understand what is necessary to manage these exposures. This allows cyber attackers to execute some pretty simple attacks. They know where our failures are going to be.

For example, how long does it take IT, software vendors, and hardware manufacturers to correct known exposures? In many cases, it takes several months if at all.

A majority of data breaches in the past few years were caused by employee errors, whether that employee fell victim to a phishing scam, downloaded a malevolent attachment, and so on.

Fortunately, many employers finally understand that the biggest cybersecurity problems are not in the unknown, but from their own desktops and how they interact with the Internet. This understanding comes from increasing consumer backlash against data breaches, GDP's implementation of strict privacy regulations, and security training and education required in many organizations.

In the past year, cybersecurity as an organizational responsibility has taken on an even greater importance due to the shortage of a skilled cybersecurity workforce as the IT job market which has tightened.

To address this many CIOs and organizations are increasing apprenticeship programs, training, and recruiting practices to bridge this enormous talent and diversity gap in understanding how to deal with these exposures.

Crypto jacking: A Lucrative Trend for Criminals

The reasons why crypto jacking is so interesting to criminal organizations - it's lucrative, it's tough to detect, and it's tough to get caught.

Cybercriminals first find a foothold on the network or even browsers and install the crypto-mining software to maintain persistence. They often remain in the network undetected for long periods of time. They lay in wait to institute a data theft of ransomware injection.

With cyber currency like Bitcoin, crypto jacking runs in tandem with the value of the cryptocurrency. The more valuable a cryptocurrency is on the market, the more value it has to Cybercriminals, and the more likely it is you’ll see an up-tick in crypto jacking incidents.

Security Manual Template - "World Class" must have tool

The Security Manual Template has recommended policies, procedures and written agreements with employees, vendors and other parties who have access to the company's technology assets. To make this process as easy as possible, the template includes 18 formatted electronic forms for distribution and documentation. All forms are in easy-to-edit Microsoft Word templates so all that is needed is add a corporate logo, make customized additions and changes and the task of cybersecurity policy and procedure implementation is relativitely easy to complete.

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