Incident Communication Plan updated in CIO IT Infrastructure Policy Bundle

Incident Communication PlanBoston magnified the need for enterprises to have an incident communication plan in place that is readily available and leverages social media

Janco Associates has just updated its Incident Communication Plan and updated it in its CIO IT Infrastructure Policy Bundle. In addition an electronic Incident Communication Contact form was added.

The CEO of Janco, Victor Janulaitis said, "With the explosions in Boston, the dynamics of business continuity and incident communication has changed forever. Businesses now need to have a plan in place for communication after an explosion, terrorist attack, or other random act of violence that quickly and accurately provides information to all interested parties. " He added, "With our CIO IT Infrastructure Policy Bundle and Electronic Forms Janco has addressed those needs with the tools that are contained in this bundle. "

Incident Media Social contacts form

The policies in the bundle are:  backup and backup retention; blog and personal web site; BYOD; incident communication; Internet, e-mail, social networking, mobile device, electronic communications, and record retention; mobile device access and use; patch management; outsourcing; record management, retention, and destruction; sensitive information; service level agreement with metrics; social networking; telecommuting; and travel and off-site meeting.
More information on this bundle, including a full copy of the table of contents for all 14 of the policies, can be obtained by following the links

Electronic forms to support the policies are all included within the individual policies, in addition all of modifiable electronic versions of over 50 forms are available in Microsoft WORD or EXCEL are available as a standalone item or as an add-on in a premium edition of the bundle. The CEO added, "Managers have the option to order single policies, the bundle of 14 policies (with or without the electronic forms); or just the electronic forms. In addition, we offer subsets of the electronic forms necessary for Disaster Recovery Business Continuity; Records Retention and Disposition; and Safety Program.

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