Ransomware and WFH security focus of Security Audit Program released

Security Audit Program is a self-administrated program to mitigate security and cyberattack risks faced by enterprises

Security Audit Program Park City – UTe-janco.com – Janco Associates has just updated its Security Audit Program to address ransomware cyberattacks and Work From Home (WFH) security shortfalls. This release is part of Janco’s continuing effort to create a set of standard ‘Best Practices’ that organizations can easily implement to meet the challenges they face as they adjust to the new ways that technology is being utilized. In addition to the updated Security Audit program, Janco has reviewed its entire product line to ensure that all levels of management are aware of what they need to do to minimize Ransomware exposure.

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The CEO of Janco Associates, Inc., Mr. M. Victor Janulaitis said, “After years of regulation and embarrassing data breaches, the highest levels of management now comfortably discusses IT controls and audit results. With recent events like the Colonial Pipeline Ransomware attack concern now is extremely high.” He added, “Over 500 organizations worldwide have utilized all or part of our prior Security Audit Program to focus attention on potential defects in their existing security. With WFH and Ransomware at a record level, we felt it was mandated that we add these new features to our self-administrated program.”

Some of the areas tasks that have been added to the 400 plus task audit program are validations that:
  • The security team understands techniques used in cyberattacks.
  • Penetration and compromise assessment plans are in place before an intrusion occurs.
  • Software is up to date for operating systems, applications, and data at remote locations.
  • Data is secured by segment and need to know.
  • Back-ups occur daily and on remote devices including WFH.
  • IT and enterprise operational staff are trained and aware of the enterprise’s security protocols.
  • Endpoint security is multilayered.
  • Plans are in place on how to isolate and remove compromised systems, applications and data.
  • The security team is in contact with other leaders in IT and enterprises in the same industry to understand existing and new security and cyberattack risks.
More information on the Security Audit Program, including a full copy of the table of contents for the self-administered program, can be found on a web page on our website at Security Audit Program.

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