IT Service Management Tool Focuses on Change Management and Version Control According to Janco

Change and version control management is critical for the success of the IT Function in the Internet Oriented Business Environment

IT Service Management SOAPark City, UT Janco Associates has just updated its IT Service Management (ITSM) Template (  This template is ITIL compliant and presents service management standards, change control best practices, version management control structure, provides a formal service request policy with standards, and a help desk policy with standards and procedures. In addition, it includes a help desk service level agreement (SLA). This is everything necessary to implement and manage world-class change control and version control process which is ITIL compliant and meets SOA (Server Oriented Architecture)

Electronic FormsThe CEO of Janco, Victor Janulaitis said, “Our clients who have had a chance to review this new template are looking forward to this latest update. They are also extremely pleased with this implementation. It includes separate files for the policies, electronic forms and the Business IT Analysis Impact Questionnaire (BIA).” He added, “There is an option to not only acquire the template and its associated supporting materials but also to obtain 12 or 24 months of update service.”

The IT Service Management SOA version 6.1 includes the Business and IT Impact Analysis questionnaire and 5 complete policies: 1) Blog and Personal Web Site Policy; 2) BYOD Policy; 3) Internet, e-mail, Social Networking, Mobile Device, Electronic Communications, and Record Retention Policy; 4) Sensitive Information Policy; and 5) Travel, Electronic Meeting, and Off-Site Meeting Policy. In addition, it includes 7 ready to use electronic forms: 1) Blog Compliance Agreement; 2) BYOD Access and Use Agreement; 3) Email Employee Agreement; 4) Internet Access Request; 5) Internet and Electronic Communications; 6) Internet Use Approval; and 7) Sensitive Information Policy Compliance Agreement.

The CEO added, “Each of the IT policies in this offering is integral to the implementation and operation of effective and efficient infrastructure in the ever-changing technologically based business environment.” In addition, he said, “In the last several months most of the procedures and all of the electronic forms have been updated in Janco’s continuing efforts to see that all of its offerings are current and meet all mandated compliance and security requirements.”

The price of ITSM-SOA template is based on the core document and whether the user selects 12 or 24 months of update service:

  1. Standard ITSM-SOA core document, 5 full policies, IT Business Impact Questionnaire, and 7 ready to use electronic forms ($899 to $1,299);
  2. Silver ITSM-SOA Standard plus 14 supporting job descriptions ($999 to $1,399);
  3. Gold ITSM-SOA Silver plus over 324 IT Job descriptions ($1,299 to $1,999); and
  4. Platinum ITSM-SOA Gold plus security audit program, Internet and IT Job Description Handiguide PDF ($1,999 to $2,399).

More information on this bundle, including a table of contents, and other related offerings can be found at:

More information on this bundle, including a table of contents, and other related offerings can be found at:

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